Although I’ve only known this to a certain extent, I’ve always understood this way of thinking very well.

It’s based around a fear that “this is all there is, and will ever be”.

That despite being able to change a situation, conditions, or a circumstance, the feeling of powerlessness prevails.

In entrepreneurship, it’s called “Risk Tolerance”.

When someone says they want to become successful, but are not willing to step outside their comfort zone, they are only fooling themselves.

I love the quote, “In order to explore new oceans, you’ve got to be willing to lose sight of the shore”.

Today, take a new risk.

Stretch yourself.

Say something to someone you’ve wanted to for a long time.

Make that call.

Invest in yourself in a new way.

Put yourself in a new position with new people.

Start a new conversation.

Begin a new friendship.

End one.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone.

Be your own Champion today.

Live like there is no tomorrow.

It could be the boldest, or even the smallest of things.

What will you do?

Remember for today, that your comfort zone is your failure zone.

When this all makes sense and you like what you’ve read so far, imagine partnering up with me, working directly with me, and allowing me to mentor, coach, and guide you to a whole new level of success.


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I will teach you everything I know – if you’ll let me!


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