Pay close attention.

Because this Home Business Tip is very critical to your success,
 especially if you want to have a very successful business, and have a life!

It’s based on a principle I share often, that states…

90% of getting what you want, is knowing exactly what you have to give up, to get it.

And the way you’ll do this, is called Protecting, Prioritizing, & Preserving your “Time”, because once your time is spent, squandered or invested, it’s gone, forever.

It’s the ONE thing that you will never get back.

And it’s the ONE thing that if you don’t pay attention to, you will lose a LOT of it without even knowing.

So, when building your business, it’s CRITICAL that you perform the MOST important activities first.

Sticking as closely as possible, to HIGH Value Activities.

And investing your time, energy & efforts into people, skills & actions, that bring the MOST return on your investment, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of headaches.

The rest, you can outsource.

This means that you can pay others to assist you in areas of your business that they may be more interested in, or even better at, than you.

Remember the Pareto Principle.

80% of your efforts result in 20% of your Results.
And 20% of your efforts results in 80% of your Results.

The KEY is to figure out those things which you are BEST at, and learn to Master them.

Do them over and over and over again, day in and day out.

And you will find that everything else, is secondary, and worth paying others to take care of for you.

This will free up a lot of your time, so that you only do the things that truly build your business, and put more money into your bank account.
The same goes with investments of your time into people, skills & actions.

You must evaluate where to place your focus, and block out distractions that can easily eat up your time.

Remember, Protect Preserve, and Prioritize!

Because you can always make more  money, but you cannot make more time.

So don’t give away your power to people, conditions, or circumstances that do not deserve your time.

THIS is a big key to your success.

Use your time most wisely, and not only could you build a very successful business, but also, you can have a very enjoyable life.

Now is your time.

Step into your Power!


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