I’ll never forget hearing the story of a young boy who worked in his family’s restaurant business.

One busy night while customers were lined up to get seated and place their food orders, the young boy decided to open up the cash register and start counting its contents.

Completely ignoring the people waiting for service, he lifted the cash holder and grabbed the larger $50 & $100 bills and then pulled out the $20s, $10s, $5s & $1s and proceeded to count the money.

His father walking by noticed his son not paying attention to their customers and quickly approached the boy.

The father asked, “Son, what are you doing?”

The son replied, “Seeing how much money we have.”

His father led the boy’s hands down into the register, pushed the money down under the drawer and said, “Son, put this money away. Do you see all these people standing in line waiting for you? Do you realize that they are waiting to be seated?”

The boy said, “Yes Sir”.

The father then said, “Son, you focus and take care of our Customers – and this part (pointing to the register), will take care of itself.”

My friend, there is nothing more important than serving your customers.

My own father taught me very early in life when I used to work for his Company, back in the early 1980′s, he said, “It’s a lot less expensive to keep a customer, than to find a new one.”

I’ve lived by this motto since being in business.

However, at the same time, we must know when and where to serve.

This is the tricky part.

Sometimes we must know when to ask a customer to leave our store and not come back.

In business, this is normal.

The more customers you serve, the more you will run into some that don’t truly appreciate you or your service and they will complain, cause drama and possibly even chaos.

It’s these customers who you must immediately refund and get them out of your store.

They can become viral and even poison to you and your business.

I had to do this recently with a customer who did nothing but complain, even when I did serve him.

After a short while, I knew that the time spent hand holding, listening to his complaints and rejecting his requests for me to do everything for him, were costing me more money than I earned when he bought my leadership and product.

So, I refunded him his entire investment.

And it was the best thing I could have done, as it opened up new doors that had been previously shut while attending to his lack of understanding of the product that he purchased.

It’s called, “Cutting Your Losses” and boy did I ever.

Once you know where your Liabilities are, you must let them go and only focus on those things that are truly assets in your business and in your life.

Sometimes this includes people and even opportunities.

Oftentimes, the best way to get things done, is to know what to keep “undone”.

Focus on what matters most in your business and your life and the rest, just like that cash register, will take care of itself.

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16 Comments on This Part Will Take Care of Itself

  • Great post Aaron as usual, we expect nothing less than excellence from you. Thanks.

  • Coming for a guy that was in the restaurant business for 10 years, I totally understand this post. Been there,
    done that! LOL. Thanks Aaron.

  • Thanks Shelli & Thomas! Great to see you guys on
    my blog!
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..This Part Will Take Care of Itself =-.

  • Aaron your life stories are so very powerful in illustrating the lessons we all must learn in business. I really enjoy this one in particular – and I love your new blog!

  • Hey Aaron,

    This is a great post and a powerful reminder.

    I think sometimes we get so caught up in trying to please everyone that we forget that some people do not want to be pleased and really do not deserve our time and energy!

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Mary Thayer
    .-= Mary Thayer´s last blog ..My “Why” =-.

  • Wow, Aaron. Great story, and I love the way you tie it in to our business. You are so inspiring…thank you.

  • @Diane – Thanks O’ great one! Glad you got out of the matrix long enough
    to read it! ‘;-)
    @Mary – yes, ain’t that the truth – it’s called protect, preserve & prioritize your
    @Mom – glad you like! Thanks for stopping by. See you in 2 days. ‘;-)

  • You are so right, Aaron. In our effort to serve others, sometimes we lose sight on the fact that the customer must also serve us, by taking action and taking responsibility for themselves. Thanks for the reminder
    Bob Clarke´s last [type] ..6 Useful Strategies For Taming Your Email

    • Thanks Bob! Great to see you stop by again. ;-)

  • Hey Aaron,

    I used to have to deal with things like this for 15 years as I was in retail management. There were times that no matter what you did, there was no pleasing or helping someone, it was better to give them a refund and explain to them ” I am sorry but we do not seem to have the right “…..” that will fit your needs here”. In doing this I was able to give much better service to the other 50 customers in my store.
    Thank you for the great post!

    • You are so right Robert! Great point about having a good fit for both sides. Thanks for the comment. :-)

  • I know all about this subject. I ran my own heatind business for years and found that I would find some one acationaly that was never happy. I always offered great service and smile when things where not going well but some times Iwould have to cut my losses.

    • Exactly James, you’ve gotta know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em!!! Cutting losses is a smart thing to do. ‘;-)

  • Your fables always hit right in gut. My parents always had a good lesson in what they said. Some time it sometime later whenthe same thing happen again. Did the same with my kids

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    Jan Cummins

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