Over the years, one of the biggest factors I noticed that separates successful people from everybody else, is that after coming up with a great idea to start a new business or simply move their existing business forward, they take immediate action.

While most people never do a single thing when they have brilliant ideas, successful people employ what is called speed of implementation.

This means as soon as the idea comes in, they get moving on it right away and start making progress.

They don’t have to have all the answers or know exactly how they are going to get to the 2nd step or beyond.

They just jump first and build their wings on the way down.

In other words, they don’t have to get it right – just get it going.

Critical to any entrepreneurs success , is not having to be perfect to produce.

Because the need for perfection usually leads to procrastination.

This is called Negative Perfection.

Positive Perfection is the entrepreneur who takes the risk, makes the move, gets it going, and then…adjusts along the way to make sure she is pointing more in the right direction.

It’s like a plane that takes off from New York en route to Los Angeles.

It may start out going South, but eventually makes that turn West.

And all along the way, the pilot makes small incremental adjustments to keep the plane on course.

So no matter what you’ve been putting off today, get it started.

Begin that new project that you know will move your business forward.

Take the first step.

Pick up the phone and start calling your leads & prospects.

Start your online campaign.

Start branding yourself.

Make that first video.

Write your first article.

Upload your first blog.

Send out that first press release.

Learn that one new skill that if you knew, your business would flourish.

One step closer to freedom.

Don’t put it off another day.

One at a time, knock out that idea.

Move down your list.

Your freedom is waiting…

Speed of Implementation.

It’s how you must operate in free enterprise to make it.

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  • Hi Aaron,

    You are so right. Thank you for this blog. It spoke volumes to me.

    Kind regards,

  • I should have known yr blog earlier. I am so new to online stuff and very lost of what to do first or next even with the guide from the backoffice. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to ask for help thinking that people will think I am slow or stupid. Thanks for yr valuable info in yr blog – really helps calm my nerves.

  • This is exactly how I jumped into my Social Media Marketing. I just did it. I have made many mistakes and made many adjustments along the way and I am so glad I did because now I have a presence on the web that is getting me amazing strategic partnerships as well as new clients from literally all over the country.

    Great post Aaron, and I love the look of your blog!
    Seth David´s last [type] ..Introduction To Excel

    • Thanks Seth! Glad you can resonate. It’s so true. The more we give, the more we get to give again! Hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by bro!
      Aaron´s last [type] ..Under the Broke Man’s Monologue

  • I made it to your site with no procrastination!
    Some good points. Thanks Paul

  • “Negative perfection”. I think i suffer from this at times. But then again no person is or could be perfect! Thanks Aaron

    • This is true Lance! We are perfectly imperfect, which is all it takes to succeed!

  • Thank you, Aaron! I love it: you are SO RIGHT! Congratulations for your awesome all-around success & More Abundance in 2012!
    Monica Sancio´s last [type] ..Comment on CUMPLE tus Propósitos 2012 c Cero Excusas. by Monica Sancio

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