This Home Based Business Tip is one of my personal favorite life lessons.

Many years ago, as a result of having bad philosophies and a lot of 
the wrong information, I found myself in $60,000 worth of debt.

I was behind in my bills, behind in my rent and behind in just
 about every area of my life.

The desire I had to change was so high that I began reading books, listening to audios and studying successful people.

I knew to do this, because this is what a successful person told me.

I remember staying in on Friday nights, when my friends were out partying at bars and on the beach.

I would sit on my sofa with a good book and highlight all the words and sentences that really made an impact on me.

I’d dog-ear certain pages with profound messages that got through to me, and lit up a dark spot in my mind – a lot of times even, my heart.

I remember thinking, “If I do this now, I can do that (meaning ‘enjoying my life’) forever!”

Actually, I was enjoying my life – but I wasn’t doing it the same way most ‘other’ kids my age did it.

I was 24 years old, giving up some of
 my young ‘temporary’ adult social life, for success.

But I was ok with that, because even at that age, I knew the life that I deserved, and wanted.

Sure, it would have been more fun back then to live in the moment, but that’s all I would have been doing – living in the moment – and not creating the real future that I wanted, and knew that I could have.

You see, I saw my life unfold before me at a very young age.

I knew that I wanted to be both personally & professionally free.

I knew that I wanted to be financially independent – wealthy even.

And I knew that I wanted to be my own boss, travel the World, and take vacations whenever I wanted.

And, I also knew that part of my mission here on earth, is to show others how to live this life of freedom that I’ve been able to enjoy now for many years – nearly 2 decades.


So, back then, I’d read books, take notes, listen to 0ld tapes & cds, and reflect on my 
actions for the day, that week and that month and ask myself questions 

- What did I learn today that will not only move me forward today, but every day for the rest of my life?

- What did I do well today, that served me well today, but must improve tomorrow if I want to continually progress?

- How could I be better tomorrow, by showing up differently than I did today – for both myself & others?

- How would I be if I were already successful?

I’d ask myself questions like these and many more.

Now although you couldn’t tell that I was changing from the
 outside, on the inside I was.

You see, your success grows from the inside out, not from the 
outside in.

Most people judge & evaluate success by what can be seen – by the things one can accumulate.

How much money one has.

How many cars or homes one has.

How they dress.

So on the outside, 
is where most people focus.

They ask questions like:

  • Why doesn’t this work for me?
  • Why can’t I do it?
  • Why can’t I make a lot of money?
  • Why is everybody else doing well, but not me?
  • Why don’t people want to buy from me or want to work with me?


These are all outside questions, or “Why” questions.

The answer to all of the questions above, is to turn them inside.



And turn them into “How” questions, like:

  • How can I get this to work for me?
  • How can I do it?
  • How can I make a lot of money with this?
  • How can I do well like the others?
  • How can I do what they are doing?
  • How can I get people to buy from me and want to work with me?


You see, when you ask questions like these, you get a completely different outcome.

Because you are asking yourself inside questions that are going to provide exactly what you need to succeed.


You see, the longest journey, is the journey inward.


And if you don’t go within, you will always go without.

Success is really an inside job.

It’s NOT about outside questions, but inside answers.

And as Morihei Ueshiba says in his book, the Art of Peace…

“One does not need power, buildings, money or status to practice the art of peace; heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train.”


So, what is YOUR next step?

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