I used to live in San Diego California and to my recollection, there was hardly a sunny day that I didn’t take advantage of the weather by taking a run on the beach, at the water’s edge.

It was one of my favorite activities and I made quite a habit of it.

Walkman, (iPods weren’t even IN yet) running shoes, the whole nine yards.

Even on days that I didn’t feel like running, I still darned my running shoes and within minutes into my workout, I’d be enjoying the action as I sped down the shoreline.

Well, after living in California for almost 10 years, I met a young lady,now my wife Sophia and I wound up moving to Denver Colorado to be with her and her son, Carter.

Now, instead of exercising at sea-level, I was running at 6,000 feet ABOVE sea-level, where the air was much thinner and the oxygen much harder to come by.

Needless to say, this change put me way out of my comfort zone and I found myself many times during a workout, unlike before, gasping for air.

At first, I didn’t even want to workout, because of how difficult it was to breathe.

I even thought I was going to have a heart attack on a few occasions because of how fast my heart was pounding just minutes into my exercise.

However, I realized that if I wanted to stay in shape and continue on my quest for great health and fitness, that I’d have to do the uncomfortable until it became comfortable.

Little by little, with progressive increments in time and intensity, I increased my workouts until my body became more and more accustom to the conditions.

Some days, this was accomplished by just going for 30 seconds or one minute more than the day before. Day in and day out, I’d continue to run, sometimes at the gym, sometimes on the road or some hills, but regardless, I ran.

And I began to lift weights again too.

Eventually, my body began to adjust and I was able to workout at fullspeed and capacity.

My lungs were expanded and my heart much stronger now, from all the exercise I put them through.

Over the next year, I had the opportunity to re-visit San Diego on a vacation after speaking at a local event and sure enough, I laced up my running shoes and took off down the beach where I ran for 10 years.

It was at that moment, on my first run during that vacation, that Irealized Success Principle #9.

You see, running on the beach after running for almost a year at 6,000 feet above sea-level, is truly a piece of cake.

I felt faster, stronger and much less winded.

So, what I discovered about success during this particular run, is that by living outside of your comfort zone and working harder under less favorable conditions, you will flourish more than ever under more favorable conditions.

In other words, by living on the edge, outside of your comfort zone,you expand your success zone and can create a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

This applies to EVERY area of your business, your success and your life.

So, Success Principle #9 states, that “Your Comfort Zone, is also, Your Failure Zone!”

So, by expanding your comfort zone, you will move toward much more success.

Constantly challenging yourself and living outside of your comfort zone is the key that unlocks all of your potential.

After all, without challenge, there would be no growth.

And without growth, there would be no progress.

And without progress,there would be no results and ultimately, no real long term success.

So, either you live outside your comfort zone, creating games that are not easy for you to win, or…you will find yourself in your failure zone, going backwards and losing ground on all your progress.

So, to wrap up Success Principle #9, you must continue to do the things that others find boring and uncomfortable.

And, by doing the things today, that others WON’T do, you will be able to do the things tomorrow, that others CAN’T do.

OK, be sure to take new action this week, outside of your comfort zone.