About 10 years ago, when I first began to take re-inventing myself seriously, not only did I invest a lot of my spare time into reading books and listening to audios by successful people, but I also entered into a Physique Transformation Competition.

I did it because I knew that in order to REALLY succeed at becoming the person I was born to be, I was going to require a far bigger challenge than just changing my mind.

I was out of shape at the time, eating from $.99 Fast Food Menus two or three times per day, smoking a pack of cigarettes per day and making time to visit my local watering hole up the street from my apartment that I was hoping not to get evicted from.

I was dating the wrong girl, drove a beat up old Jeep and was behind in just about every single area of my life.

I had barely any money in the bank, almost no credit left and if you looked at me on paper, you’d see that I had virtually nothing.

However, I did have that one thing that most people didn’t have - and that was the desire to change.

Do you have that same burning desire?

If so, now’s your chance to make it happen.

So, getting to Success Principle #8, here’s what I know.

Early on in my career, I learned that most people don’t do well, because they don’t feel well.

They don’t eat right, exercise enough or get enough rest.

For most, exercise is the area that lacks the most, so Success Principle #8, is based on this one very important area.

You see, by mustering up the courage to begin a new exercise routine, like I did, in just 21 days, you can turn that new action, into a habit!

And because habits are what create futures, you will find that by exercising daily, that solutions to your biggest challenges in life, will flow to you easily during repeated physical movement.

Start slow if you must, and each day, make small progressive increments in time and intensity.

Track your progress, pay attention to how you feel and commit to your health, as much as you are to your wealth.

Over time, by adding exercise to your daily routine, coupled with the growth and development that comes from your reading books, listening to audios, mentoring with successful models and taking ACTION, you will accelerate your success curve more than you’ve ever done before.

You will have more energy, sleep better and become more passionate about what your life’s purpose is and how well you perform your life’s mission.

So, Success Principle #8, says “Motion Creates Emotion.”

Get UP and do the thing.

Start moving around more. 

Take a more active interest in both your health and fitness.

I did, and it changed my life. 

It will for you too.

Just start today on a new path of exercise and watch what happens to you from both the inside out AND the outside in.

Remember, your body does what your mind tells it to.

The more you move around, the more ground you will cover.

In all ways, in all areas of your life.

In other words, when the tide rises, every ship in your fleet will come in.

And although a ship is safe in harbor, that is not what ships are for.

Get to it.

Get crackin’!

Take the next step in your success.

Motion creates Emotion.

Start exercising today and you will discover solutions to your biggest challenges.