I first figured out Success Principle #7 when I was 16 years old.

At that time in my life, I was self rehabilitating from a fractured vertebrae I experienced while playing high school football.

One day while lifting weights to strengthen up my body, looking up at some dumbbells I was pressing, I realized that it was only during the most difficult of repetitions, that muscle would actually be stimulated enough, to be broken down, in order that it could later on be re-built and grow back even stronger.

YES! This is how you build muscle in your body. Give it a challenge. Make it work. Let it rest.

Come back strongerthe next time, after proper rest and nutrition and stimulate it once again during performance.

Do this over and over again, day in and day out, for weeks, even months at a time, and you could build a championship physique.

Do this with your MIND, and watch the same thing happen!

When I began applying this concept to my networking business,I realized that it was only when doing the things that caused the most challenge, that I actually grew.

You see, character is never developed when sitting on the beach in Hawaii drinking a Mai Tai.

It’s during the rough times, the most difficult of times and the times when it would be easier to quit, but you don’t, that you develop that special quality that inspires people to want to be with you, be around you and be a part of your business.

So Success Principle #7 is this:

“There is never a traffic jam when you go the extra mile.”

Take the open lane as far as you possibly can, until you just can not go any farther, and then, go a little farther.

Remember, your body does what you mind tells it to.

It’s doing the exact opposite of what would appear to be easier, that makes the biggest difference in your success.

This, is called discipline.

It’s true! Real champions are made “outside” the ring.

However, it’s going that one extra round in the ring when youdon’t think you can, that puts you in the upper echelon offighters.

Making that one extra dial. Reaching out to just one or two more people, when you think you’ve had enough.

Making just one more call before you wrap up for the night.

And doing it again. And again. And again.

Stretching yourself farther than you ever have.

Just one more rep.

Just one more dial.

Just one more exposure, every time you sit down to prospect and build your business.

Hey, even add another prospecting session to your day, every day for the next 90 days and then tell me this doesn’t work!

Apply this Success Principle along with all the others and I assure you, that you can be well on your way to whatever level of success you came here for.