I’ll never forget what one of my first sponsors said to me, just 
moments before I was to walk across a stage in front of over 2,000 
people to collect my first high 4 figure check.

I was 26 years old. It was 1997.

I had a big ego, but a really small bank account.

I had lots of confidence, but a low self esteem.

On the outside, I looked like I had it all together. Calm, cool, 

On the inside, there was a viscious tornado ripping right through 

I wanted to be successful, yet I didn’t think I deserved it.

I wanted to be at the top, yet I didn’t think I was good enough.

Yes, I made hundreds of calls per week, reached out to people 
everyday, even got some of them enrolled in my business.

Had some checks coming in. Thought I was right there on the verge
 of easy street.

Little did I know that I had lots of learning to do.

Lots of
 growing up.

Lots of disempowering emotions to let go and move 
away from.

So, my checks went out faster than they came in.

I could earn some money, but couldn’t keep any of it.

So the tornado picked up more speed.

Not only was I in negative 
emotional balance, but now I’m more confussed than ever.

Why wasn’t I becoming successful? I had these results, but no 
real success.

Even when I did get people started, they disappeared. Vanished. 

In one door and out the other. Nobody stuck. Nobody wanted it
 as badly as I did. Nobody wanted to work with me.

All of my income, was based on my own efforts; nobody else’s.

So I’m about to get up in front of 2,000 people to collect a check 
that I didn’t think I deserved.

I froze. My muscles tightened up.
 My heart raced. Sweat pooling up under my shirt. I couldn’t even 

Here I am, a young guy with lots of energy, doing, doing, doing.

Going, going….almost gone.

And when it was time to receive some recognition for my efforts, 
I checked out.

Lights on, nobody home.


Lost all touch.

My sponsor, who was standing behind me in line, could see what was

He leaned over and gave me some advice that I’ll never forget.

These words he whispered in my ear have become Success Principle #6.

I’ve lived by them ever since. They have changed my life in so many 

I apply them when I prospect, when I do a training call or speak
in front of thousands of people.

I apply them when I have to do something that I don’t want to do, 
yet I know I must.

I apply them when I have to clean up a mess I’ve made in any area
of my life.

And every time I remind myself of Principle #6, I succeed.

Perhaps these words will do the same for you.

But you must apply them in every situation that brings you to 
the same state of fear that I felt that night in front of all those

My sponsor told me, Success Principle #6:

“Do the uncomfortable, until it becomes comfortable.”

YES – That’s it!

“Do the uncomfortable, until it becomes comfortable.”

When I first heard those words, instantly, I had this vision come 
to me of myself walking across a stage, speaking to thousands
 of people, and being good at it.

Being comfortable. Being in a state
of peace. Being in my own power and not giving any away, 
to fear.

It was a feeling of knowing and trusting that if I just did it once,
 that the next time, it would be easier.

And the time after that, it would
get easier once again.

And eventually, by doing the uncomfortable, it would become…

And you know what, it worked.

And it will work for you too, if you are willing to live by these same words.

Easy to do?


Easy not to do?


Only you can make this choice.

I know what I did.

I know what successful people do.

Remember, in the beginning, every master, was once a disaster.

Do the uncomfortable , until it becomes comfortable.

This is one priciple that will absolutely take you to the top!

Go for it.

Do it now.