OK, so you’ve now received Success Principles # 1-4.

How are you progressing? 

New results? New you? Did you make something BIG
 happen in the past couple weeks?

Please let me know what’s happening for you. (Notice I
didn’t say, “to” you, but “for” you.)

In the meantime, let’s recap Success Principles 1-4.

#1 – People play to the level of their competition.
(So surround yourself with greatnesss.)

#2- Always be a Four Quarter Player. (Don’t put off 
until tomorrow what you must do today. Quit “shoulding”
all over yourself and turn your “shoulds” into “musts”.)

#3 – 90% of getting what you want is knowing what you 
have to give up, to get it. (Know exactly what brings 
you “closer to” and “away from” your goals.)

#4 – Learn to discipline your disappointments. (Consistent 
energy brings consistent results. Keep your highs low 
and your lows high. Become resilient to adversity.)

Now, once you’ve mastered #’s 1 – 4, you will be ready
to take on Success Principle #5, which states…

“Succcesful people do what others find boring or uncomfortable.”

This Principle is all about taking ACTION!

And 99% of the time, I’m referring to the #1 Skill you will
ever act on to develop your career as a marketer.

It’s called Prospecting.

Not just talking about it or thinking about it, but actually 
doing it.

Not just being a spectator, but being a player.

Getting IN the game, getting your uniform dirty and getting
 banged around and bruised up as a result of committing to your 
success, by Prospecting.

You see, successful people create such a stir around them 
by Prospecting, that they forget about the little “cares” that
 don’t serve them.

I call this “Block & Focus”.

They block out distractions, (like other people’s opinions),
 and focus only on Revenue Producing Activity.

Prospecting. Sorting. Uncovering people’s needs, strengths 
and goals and pairing them up with a solution to their problems.

This is the key to your success.

Talking to new people all the time.

It’s the lifeblood of your business.

Even if you are using the Internet to build your business with Web 2.0 strategies, Social Media or Pay Per Click Marketing, you still want to pick up the phone and call your leads.

Now this is not Cold Calling, like we used to have to do long before the internet came along.

If you are marketing online and generating leads, like we teach you how to do, this is not a cold lead anymore.

They’ve opted in to YOUR landing page, have seen your story, your offer and are looking at joining YOU in business.

If you are using Social Media and branding yourself, most likely they will know who you are long before you even call them.

But even just a few minutes on the phone with someone who hasn’t purchased your products or service, could easily result in a sale.

But even if it doesn’t, you will still be gaining the #1 skill that must be a part of your arsenal.

It’s called, “People Skills”.

You see, your product is not really your product.

People are your product.

And when you learn more about people (by speaking and listening to them) through Prospecting, you will have just learned more about the real product you are marketing.

Read this again…

When you learn more about people (by speaking and listening to them) through Prospecting, you will have just learned more about the real product you are marketing.

Learn to do what others won’t, so you can have what others

By learning to Prospect, you will be learning to lead, influence
 and develop.

Your articles, press releases, videos, blog posts and overall marketing ability will improve 100%, even more, once you understand people and how they operate.

Each person you speak with and connect with will bring you one step closer to the success that you came here for.

And by sticking with this philosophy and learning to prospect every day, you will become a self leading influence.

This simply means that you will be leading, influencing and developing YOURSELF first – then others
 will follow.

But you must learn how to do it and do it effectively, because 
if you cannot prospect, you will struggle forever.

Remember, in your business, there is no shallow end.

It’s sink 
or swim and the sooner you learn how to prospect, the sooner 
you will be on the path towards great success in your enterprise.

So, to re-cap…Success Principle #5 states, “Successful people 
do what others find boring or uncomfortable.”

What are you willing to do today that others won’t, so that
 you can do the things tomorrow, that others can’t?