I trust that you are getting exactly what you expected and more, from my first 3 Success Principles.

Remember, knowledge alone is not power. It’s applied knowledge that’s power.

You must not only read my messages, but apply the information in them.

Matter of fact, by applying these same exact Success Principles that I’m sharing with you, I was able to go from being in over $60,000 worth of debt, to earning a multiple Six Figure Yearly Income in just the past few years.

Then I went on to build a 7 figure income in just my first two years on the Internet.

Did it all happen overnight. Not even close. But my choice to succeed happened in a mere moment.

Little did I know that my success was not going to be a payoff, but a process.

And in this process, Success Principle #4 couldn’t be more apparent.

This Principle is based on this sentence;

“Adversity does not just build character; it reveals it.”

How you handle yourself during challenge is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for success.

Remember, how you do anything is also how you do…everything!

The key then to Success Principle #4, is not to get attached to any one set of circumstances or conditions, good or bad, but to the process itself.

You see, you are going to have many ups and many downs while you are becoming successful.

You will experience the highs of success and the lows of what you may think is failure.

Peaks and Valleys, all the time. Ups, downs, wins, losses and in-betweens.

The key is to find the silver lining in every cloud; learn to make lemonade out of lemons and when you lose, DON’T LOSE THE LESSON!

The MOST important lesson, is that you understand that success is just one failure after another, day in and day out, learning from your mistakes and never losing sight of your dreams and goals.

So, based on the fact that success is made up of consistent failure, if you want to double your rate of success, then double your rate of failure.

YES! Failure is just as much a part of the equation for success, so the more you do it and learn from it, the more successful you are going to be.

So with all this new knowledge, Success Principle #4, is this:

“Learn to Discipline Your Disappointments”

Because you can’t afford to be disappointed.

You can’t afford to be discouraged.

If you know that success is inevitable and along the way you you are going to experience some challenges, accept them.

Embrace them.

Know that they are all a part of the process.

Mark my words.

You will be challenged.

And so to make the journey more enjoyable, the ride much smoother and yourself much more successful, learn to discipline your disappointments.

There is no other way to make it to the top.