When I first began in the networking industry, I was told by one of my first mentors that when he was in his zone and closing deals all day, that he learned to skip a meal from time to time while getting his business off the ground.

Not because he wanted to, but because he was in the middle of a conversation with a prospect and while he was starving and wanted to eat, he knew that if he didn’t for that one meal, he’d be able to eat well for the rest of his life.
He also told me that sometimes he’d just eat very quickly, between making and taking phone calls, so that he could stay in flow as much as possible and not take breaks or slow down his momentum.

Truth is, I’ve done both.

I’ve skipped many meals and have snacked on the craziest of things just to get a morsel of food in my stomach during a phone conversation.

Now if you know me personally, than you know that I LOVE TO EAT!!!

Because I train at the gym 6Xs per week, my body is always craving calories and good clean food.

So, Success Principle #3 was not easy for me to get used to!

Success Principle #3 states that 90% of getting what you want, is knowing what you have to give up, to get it.

Whether it’s skipping a meal to get a deal done, eating quickly, economizing your budget if you have to, giving up TV, spending less time with the wrong people, it’s all the same.

Everyone has different things they must learn to give up, to reach their own level of success.

Giving up things like being lazy, smoking, drinking, stuffing yourself at the dinner table, reading the newspaper, watching CNN, (constantly negative news), it doesn’t matter – none of it’s good and so giving any of it up will make your life better.

I did many of these things before I made a choice to change my life.

I was only using eating a meal, above, as an example of a simple thing that you might have to give up to get what you want – even if all it is, is a sale.

However, the list of things that YOU must give up to succeed far beyond what you’ve ever experienced, does exist.

But only YOU know what you must give up, in order to get what you want.

Matter of fact, if you wrote down all the habits you have that you KNOW keep you from success, I bet you’re more aware of them than you think.

So the key then, is to be sure you stop yourself from doing the things that take you backward, away from your dreams and goals and replace them with the things you know are going to bring you closer to them.

Do this over time and you will see just how simple reaching your goals and living your dreams can be.

It’s the Slight Edge Principle and it is either working for you, or against you.

You choose.

Don’t wait.

Make your list of things to give up, so that you can get on the path to having everything you want.

Don’t wait.

Do it today.

Make your list.

Take care of it.

Or…your bad habits will take care of YOU!

Go make something BIG happen.

Just know what you must give up, to get it.