Success Principle #2, is something that I’ve observed in every top producer and income earner I’ve ever met.

It goes along the lines of, “Either pay now, or you will pay later.”

Truth is, either way, you WILL pay. And what you pay for, is exactly what you’ll get.

The higher the stakes, the higher the price you’ll have to pay to earn them.

Famous Speaker Jim Rohn says, “Do whatever you have to do as quickly as you can, so you can do whatever you WANT to do, for as long as you can.”

You see, successful people do the things TODAY, that others won’t do, so that successful people can do the thing TOMORROW, that others CAN’T do.

It’s not a matter of whether or not you’ll pay, but WHEN you’ll pay.

Either you can take care of your finances now, or they will take care of YOU later.

If you only play when the odds are against you, you’ll find that you are always just “getting by”.

And…you will also find that you are consistently going from a state of chaos to a state of temporary “survival”.

This is a life of mediocrity. I know because I used to live it.

But when I learned Success Priciple #2, everything began to come together and make more sense.

So, Success Principle #2, is this…

”You must be a Four Quarter Player”, not a “4th QUARTER Player”.

You must always be “on”, even when you are “off”.

When I wasn’t speaking to people, late at night for example, I would read books, listen to CDs, and invest in myself, by reviewing what Idid that day and what I was committed to doing the next day.

I cut out the TV, quit hanging out with people who were not committed to transformation and I’d limit the time with those who were whiners and complainers.

I chose to play in a bigger game, all the time, constantly looking for solutions, creating marketing ideas and then implementing them into my daily routine.

Remember, it’s not what you do that counts towards your best success, it’s what you do DAILY!

Be a “Four Quarter Player”  There is no other way to be successful.