Many years ago, as a result of having bad philosophies and a lot of
the wrong information, I found myself in $60,000 worth of debt.

I was behind in my bills, behind in my rent and behind in just
about every area of my life.

Fortunately, my desire to change was so high, that I began several 
years earlier, reading books, listening to tapes, paying attention 
to successful people and really paying the price.

Now although you couldn’t tell that I was changing from the
outside, on the inside, I was.

You see, your success grows from the inside out, not from the 
outside in.

Too many people think that success begins on the outside. And that 
is where they focus. On outside questions, instead of inside e

I was even like that at first. And then, I realized that for things 
to change, I had to change. 

And so I began.

I remember staying in on Friday nights, when my friends were all
out at parties and the beach.

I was 24 years old, giving up some of
my adolescent social life, for success.

I’d read books, take notes, listen to audios and reflect on my 
actions for the day, that week and month and ask myself questions 

- What did I learn?

- What did I do well?

- What could I do better?

- How could I be better?

- How would I be if I were already successful?

Questions like these and many more.

Lots of answers would come up.

Lots of time communicating with
 myself in these moments.

Lots of investing.

Paying the price.

Setting myself up for massive 

I did it every day then, and I do it every day now.

How about you?

How are you investing in yourself?

How often do you do it?

Not only did I read books, listen to audios and pay attention, but
I also understood that the greater the price I was willing to pay, 
the more I’d get out of the investment.

No risk, no return. High risk, much higher return.

But unlike the stock market or a horse race, I had 100% total
 control of the outcome of the investment.

It wasn’t a crap shoot or playing the odds.

I was playing a game of chance and the better I got, the better my
 chances for success.

I knew this and this is why I decided to continue paying and paying 
and paying and playing and playing and playing.

And every time I paid the price, I got paid.

Maybe not overnight, but in time, I’ve earned back, hundreds of 
times my investment. Even thousands of times my investment has now 
been paid back to me.

Yes, this is all part of the compounded effect, however, most
 people don’t stay around long enough or keep their foot on the gas 
long enough to see the compounded results
of their investment.

Too much lottery mentality out there.  Too much instant mentality – 
Instant popcorn, instant jello and now people want instant wealth.

Truth is , wealth is a long term investment, not a short term one.

Anyone who wants it badly enough, must stay in the game for a long 
enough period of time, to see the compounding effect take place.

So Success Principle #10, states that…”The BEST investment, is 
the investment in YOURSELF!”

YOU have 100% control of the outcome, nobody else.

YOU have the choice about how to invest and which investments are 
the best for you, nobody else.

You choose when to cash in on your investment, nobody else.

But in order to receive, you must have an open hand.

Most people never get a return back on their investment, because
 their fist is so tightly clenched around their money, in fear of
 never seeing it again, that they are not open to receiving all 
that their investment could bring.

This means, don’t hold on to your money, as if it were the last 
time you’ll ever see it again.

Buy the books.  Then read them and then apply what you learn.

Buy the Tapes & CD’s.  Listen to them and then apply what you hear.

Mentor with successful people who know how to teach you what they

Pay for coaching, advice and education.

Go to events, seminars and trainings.

Pay the full price for your success.

Invest in yourself and your greatness.

Invest in yourself now. Invest in yourself then.

Just invest in yourself, because it’s the BEST investment you will 
ever make.

And this concludes my Top 10 Success Principles.

Your next message will come to in a few more days.

They will be my HOT Leadership Tips and I know you are going to love them.