Have you ever watched a Triple Crown Horse Race?

If so, one thing you may have noticed is that rarely ever does the winning horse win by a mile.

Instead, it’s typically neck and neck all the way from start to finish, especially in those big money races where millions of dollars are on the line.

So, Success Principle #1 states that…

“Participants always play to the level of their competition.”

It’s true of horses and it’s even more true of people.

So, who are you running with?

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

Who are you listening to and watching as you build and grow yourself and your business?

Your answer will ultimately determine how well you fare in the game of business, the game of success, and the game of life.

So, be sure to surround yourself with people who are more successful than yourself.

Remember, if your 10 closest friends are losers, it’s just a matter of time before you become #11.

Be sure to communicate regularly with a successful model, a mentor and a coach who has created results in an area in which you wish to succeed.

Even create a “mastermind” group, to keep each other accountable, share ideas and receive feedback.

This way, when you play to the level of your competition, you willbe playing in a new arena, with better players and competitors who will help you UP your game.

Remember, water seeks its own level and the higher you climb on the ladder of success, the more you will want to surround yourself with others of like mind, who are also on their way, To The Top!

In other words, your network will determine your Net-worth!

Get to it!

Start making new friends, contacts and alliances with people who are destined for their OWN greatness!

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