By Branding yourself in today’s marketplace, you can truly position yourself as an authority, create lots of free leads, make lots of sales and have people join your Network Marketing, MLM, or Direct Sales Home Based Business with ease.

Let’s explore the difference between branding yourself as an authority to create leads versus branding yourself to convert those leads into actual SALES.

There is a BIG difference.

Now, as you’ve probably heard, a Web-Log (or Blog for short), is a great way to provide quality content to your readers, develop a fan base and ultimately drive traffic to your website by providing a link at the bottom of your post for readers to click on.

But what happens once your lead has now “opted in” to your Marketing Funnel at your Landing Page and is exploring your business and/or product?

Well, there’s a good chance that if you are marketing correctly, not only will your leads learn about your business or product on their first visit to your website, but they will also receive Follow Up Autoresponders for several months, inviting them to “link back” to your website so that they can purchase whatever it is you sell.

This is standard for any online marketer, however….
What we have found is that a lot of marketers are missing something very powerful, after they collect a lead’s name and email address.

Did you know that branding yourself to your existing list of subscribers is just as important, if not more important, than branding yourself to get people to “optin” in the first place. By creating what I call a “Link Back Blog”, or a Private “Leads Only” page, you can brand yourself to your leads, even after they’ve opted in to look at your business.

At your “Link Back Blog”, not only do you want to post valuable content but you also want to post photos, videos and even affiliate links and banners down the side of your page that many of your leads might purchase regardless of whether they buy your primary product or service, or not.

(I use this strategy of monetizing to make as much as 10,000 EXTRA dollars in a Single Month – passively!)

The purpose of the Link Back Blog is to show that you are a real person and that you are no different then those looking at joining you in your business. Of course, by providing good content, you are also demonstrating that you are the leader that others might be looking for.

But Why is a Link Back Blog Important?

Because in today’s economy and marketplace, people join people who they know, like and trust – not just companies and systems.

Most importantly, at the end of each Link Back Blog post, include a “Link Back” to your Order Page or Form, where your lead can purchase your product or service – thus, the name “Link Back Blog”.

Because it’s one thing to get traffic into your funnel, but it’s another to convert it into sales and bottom line commissions.

So, set up a Link Back Blog to show your leads exactly who you are. Show your face, your family and your lifestyle. Show vacation photos, family photos and demonstrate that you are a real person helping real people to make real money.

Implement this one strategy into your marketing and you too can make a full time, professional income in your MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales Home Based Business.

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8 Comments on Raw Traffic Blogs Vs. Link Back Blogs to Brand Yourself Online

  • Thanks Aaron!Maybe this has been my problem I don’t have a link Back Blog.Love your Blog and the pictures awsome!
    Kimberly Kabel´s last [type] ..Yesterday’s Bank Are History

    • Hi Kimberly, well yes, that could be true, but your success also has to do with traffic flow & conversions at every stop in your marketing funnel. How are these numbers for you right now?

  • Excellent points you bring up in this post. Thanks for being a leader in the industry, Aaron.
    Your Pal – Thomas
    Thomas´s last [type] ..Does your Fear have you Locked Down

    • Thanks Thomas! I’m really looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas and spending some time w/ you. ‘;-)

  • Great tips Aaron. I’ll be making a Leads Only Page right now!
    Clifton Hatfield´s last [type] ..Facebook Page For Small Businesses – Part 1

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