“After having worked and networked with thousands of Network Marketing and Business Professionals in the Home Based Business Industry, I can truly say that Aaron Rashkin ranks right up there as one of the best around. From his free newsletter & training, to his LIVE speaking and training events, plug in to whatever he is doing, but more importantly, why he is doing it. I believe that his message is one that everyone should hear.”

- Mike Dillard, Founder & CEO Magnetic Sponsoring & The Elevation Group

“I’ve worked closely with Aaron Rashkin now for about two years, getting to know him both personally and professionally. It is quite inspiring to see how involved he gets with his friends, fans & followers. His understanding of the “I care economy” is better than most people I know. He is no pushover though. When you get in business with Aaron you better be comfortable hearing the truth because he cares enough to shoot you straight. He is a great mentor and teacher for thousands of people all around him.”

- Aaron Parkinson, Co-Founder CarbonCopyPRO

“Aaron Rashkin is one of the true GREATS & honorable men in this industry. He’s a fantastic friend, a great business partner, and an AMAZING marketer & leader for this Industry & his team. If you have the chance to work with Aaron, you will gain an INCREDIBLE amount and rocket up the ladder of your own personal growth and money making ability!”

- Jonathan Budd, CEO Empowered Entrepreneurs

“Aaron Rashkin is on a very very very short list of leaders who I’d recommend without reservation. His teammates are informed, inspired, and led by his integrity. He’s transparent with his team. And they love him for it. If you want a genuine ‘no B.S.’ leader, it’s Aaron Rashkin.”

- Mark Hoverson CEO Coastal Vacations

“There are a few people who I truly trust and respect at a high level in the direct marketing industry. Aaron Rashkin is one of them. Not just because he is one of the top affiliates in my Company, but because the level of authenticity and dedication that he brings to the table consistently sets him apart, and puts him in the company of a select few in my world. There is a saying that goes: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future…” I am proud to call Aaron a friend.”

- Jay Kubassek, Co-Founder CarbonCopyPRO

Jeffery_Combs“We have had the privilege of witnessing and participating in Aaron Rashkin’s evolution. We met Aaron early in his entrepreneurial career and have watched him become and transform into a leader and leader-grower. His insight, energy and skills will assist you to become the leader you deserve to be!”

- Erica & Jeffery Combs

Jennifer_McChesney“Aaron is one of those rare finds; someone who is the epitome of leadership. His influence has been extremely beneficial to me in both my personal and professional lives and is one of the most effective success coaches I have ever worked with.”

- Jennifer McChesney

John_Rydell“Since we began our company, Aaron Rashkin has been an incredible resource to us. He is a leader in the network marketing industry who actually practices what he preaches and his expertise has helped us to train thousands of our members. He continually improves our service so that we deliver exactly what network marketers need in order to succeed.”

- John Rydell

Theresa_Giambrone“Aaron Rashkin is truly the one person that has helped me stretch farther than I ever thought possible. His leadership has equiped me with the tools, knowledge and mindset for an extraordinary life.”

- Theresa Giambrone

Della_Sykes“Thank you for your generosity and willingness to share your knowledge with everyone, regardless of who they are or to which organization they belong. You are an awesome leader and you are an inspiration to thousands of people. Since we work as a team, you have made a positive impact on both of us and we have both benefited tremendously from your training and wisdom.”

- Rick & Della Sykes

Nathaniel_Litle“I can’t say enough about Aaron Rashkin and how he has helped me transform my life. He has been a beacon of light, a positive force that has paved the way for the rest of us to follow.”

- Nathaniel Litle

Betty_Quattlebaum“Aaron has one of the biggest hearts in this industry. He uses his superb training and presentation skills not only to build his personal team but shares freely with everyone in the company. He epitomizes the very best of this industry and it is a pleasure to work with him.”

- Betty Quattlebaum

Tim_Peterson“My wife and I were thrilled to be able to be enrolled and mentored by Aaron Rashkin. Aaron is a network marketing icon that walks his talk. His mentorship and support have allowed us to reach our financial goals, and is now supporting us in our bigger and bolder dreams.”

- Tim Peterson

Janice_Stieglitz“Aaron has been a study in perseverance, commitment and excellence over the past 12 years that I have had the pleasure of knowing him. He not only became a student of our Industry, but he has made a commitment to train others to become the best that they can be. He truly cares about the success of others, he has risen to the top of our company and inspires us all.”

- Janice Stieglitz

Carlos_Aponte“Being a part of Aaron Rashkin’s Team has helped make my dreams come true. Aaron will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in all areas of your life.”

- Carlos Aponte

Corey_Citron“Aaron Rashkin is a leader amongst leaders. Working with him now for over 6 years has expanded my thinking, my vision of what is possible and my commitment to other’s success. Aaron is clearly one of the most gifted recruiters and trainers in the Home Based Business Industry.”

- Corey Citron

Robby_Fender“Aaron Rashkin is no doubt one of the best when it comes to leading people to success with their own personal development and teaching those who want financial freedom how to achieve it.”

- Robby Fender

Michelle_Steingard“Aaron Rashkin has been a great inspiration to me over the past several years. His knowledge and information is exceptional and has really assisted my company in growing. Aaron is someone who gives much of himself, to so many people.”

- Michelle L. Steingard

Dave_Rhea“Aaron Rashkin is a name I had heard over and over again by the time I got into the business of direct sales. When I finally had the chance to meet him, his reputation didn’t give him justice. He truly is a man that practices what he preaches and I have used his leadership to unlock potential in myself that I never knew I had.”

- Dave Rhea

Todd_Falcone“I’ve known Aaron for several years, and he is a guy that absolutely ‘gets’ it. Aaron understands what it takes to build a successful network marketing organization, and his results prove it. If you ever have the opportunity to work directly with Aaron, you will be in great hands! He is a professional and an inspiring entrepreneurial leader that knows how to get the job done.”

- Todd Falcone