Had a great time out at dinner the other night in Boulder, with several friends. I think we laughed for 4 hours straight – so much fun with this crew – always.

So after dinner, we walked to this little Mochi & Fro Yo shop, where my friend Avram & I had a great conversation about how we see marketers on Facebook, taking a lot of action, but who are not getting the results they truly want.

What we were talking about, is how somewhere along the line, the whole “fake it til you make it” theory of subconscious re-programming, has become part of the problem.

Today, people tell their members to “act as if”, and to speak the language of success, by posting stuff all over the place that makes them appear to be more successful than they really are.

Just look around – if you are a marketer – you’ll notice how rampant this is.

The great disconnect is when people in quest of success, post all sorts of content, from quotes, and memes, to screen shots, and updates, and promotions, and links to their pages, in hope of becoming more successful – as if that’s the only thing they have to do.

The problem is that they are NOT working on ‘themselves’, nearly as much as they are ‘working on their business’.

There is a BIG, BIG difference there, in possible outcomes.

You see, if they are listening to audios and/or watching videos, something I brought up in this conversation to Avram, (and exactly what I shared from stage in Seattle last year at one of Empower’s Regional Events), is that…

If you are not READING daily, you are missing the most important elemental aspect of re-programming your subconscious mind.


And that is…

Putting words that you are reading on a page, into your ‘own’ voice.

Read that again – it’s so critical for you to understand.

You see, you can listen to Avram & Nikki all day.

You can listen to me all day.

Or anyone, like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Deepok Chopra – whoever – pick your inspiration.

And although listening to audios is very powerful, what is MORE powerful is to start listening to YOURSELF, by reading books and having the conversation coming off the pages, in your own mind.

Because this dialogue, that you have with yourself, (as you know) is far more powerful than any conversation that you could overhear – which is what listening to ‘others’ really is.

When you read, you are opening up a completely different part of the mind that’s responsible for re-programming. It’s called Neuro-imaging and it’s a function of what is called “Broca’s Area”.

The bottom line is that if you truly want to excel in business, in success, and in life, read.

It’s the fastest way to completely re-invent yourself and re-program your subconscious mind.

The other way, is to surround yourself with people who have already broken through to a level of success that you are looking to achieve yourself.

If after reading this post, you feel that you would like to work more closely with me, to get one on one coaching & mentorship, submit an application to work directly with me by clicking on this link.

I will personally call  you in the next 24-48 hours to see if we have a match, and if what we are doing is what you are looking for.


P.S. Now that I’ve shared this information with you at my blog, I’m sure you can see how I’ve personally built my own business and trained myself for success.  The best part is that I have also helped thousands of others to do the exact same thing, many of them earning 5, 6, & even 7 figures since being a part of my Team. 

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