People who show up for events do not need more motivation – they are already committed – they are there.

Its the people who don’t show up, well – they are the ones who require motivation.

But you don’t receive motivation by showing up. It starts long before you make a commitment to attend.

And as far as I know, there is nothing that someone else can do or say that will motivate you.

In other words, there is only one type of motivation – it’s called self motivation.

Either you are motivated or you are not. And it’s very easy to see those who are versus those who aren’t. It’s all in their actions.

Remember, what you do speaks so loudly, I can hardly hear your words.

The people who show up for events require something different.

It’s not even inspiration.

Because like motivation, inspiration is not something that someone else can provide for you.

It’s called “in”spiration because it must start and continue from within.

So how do you get inspired?

Well, it all starts with your own why.

Your reason for doing what YOU do – not what someone else does.

What they did might excite you, but inspire you it cannot.

When YOUR dreams and goals are bigger than your problems, consider yourself onto something.

When you see or hear of other people’s success, it’s not motivation or inspiration you feel – it’s called Belief of Action.

Or in another word, Proof.

And Proof solidifies and concretes the idea that what you are doing, is taking you in the right direction, which simply means that you are another step closer to what you came here for in the first place.

If you are self motivated and inspired, you are in line for the win.

And win you will when you surround yourself with other people who have already proven it’s possible.

Now, it’s up to YOU, to make it probable.

6 Comments on Motivation? Inspiration? Believe it? I say not

  • 100% true!
    Only self-motivation works!
    Thx, Aaron.

    • You got that right Norbert! Either you are or you are not.

  • Hi Aaron I just read through you post, I like what you have to say. Lee

  • Hi Aaron Joel Saavedra here, I couldn’t Agree More To Your Post. Everything we do depends on us. The Best Motivation is self-Motivation. The guy says, “I wish someone would come by and turn me on.” What if they don’t show up? You’ve got to have a better plan for your life. This is why this is one of my favorite quotes from the man, Jim Rohn.

    • Yes, this is true Joel, however, working closely with your sponsors & mentors will certainly make a big difference. :-)

  • well, a year later & this still holds true.
    it was good for me to read.
    Thanks Aaron.

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