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Most people would have already quit, canceled, turned this
 information down or canceled their subscription, but not YOU!

You see, a great leader leads their followers.

But it’s Vision that leads the Leader.

You must have VISION to become successful – and stay successful.

Because anyone can get to the top – but it takes character to stay there.

If you’ve implemented what you’ve learned so far into your business
 and your life, you are surely on your way to GREAT success!

Remember, your success begins and ends with you.

So does your Leadership.

You are the #1 Factor in how your business and your life turns out.

Nothing else.

You also are the #1 Factor in attracting followers.

You are the #1 Factor in having people do things that they’d never
 otherwise do, if left on their own.

You are the #1 Factor in inspiring others to become more than they 
already are.

You are the #1 Factor in how successful you can become.

And your Leadership determines your overall level of success.

You see, success without Leadership is like a building without a  

no foundation

If you are going to build something great without first investing 
into its foundation, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the building 
looks on the outside, the foundation determines how long it will 
stay that way.

Strong foundation means the potential for a strong building.

A weak foundation, even long term means, no building.

Or should I say, you could build for years, but have nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

Only YOU can decide.

You must ask yourself, ‘Do I want just 15 minutes of fame, or do I
see myself being one of the last men or women standing at the end
 of the day, for the long haul?”

Everything, rides on your Leadership.

And your Leadership will determine for how long you stay focused.

F.O.C.U.S. = Follow One Course Until Successful

Your Foundation of Focus, is the key to your longevity.

And staying in the game, staying focused and not letting little
 things rob YOU, of big opportunity, is the very first step in
 becoming the Leader that others are looking for.

This includes other opportunities.

This includes other affiliate launches.

This includes what are known as ‘shiny objects’.

Anything that competes for your attention, is a distraction.

And when you start sending multiple offers to your subscribers, not only do you appear scattered, and unfocused, hurting your income, but it actually hurts your own Team’s success as well (if you have a Team), because now they’ve lost faith in their Leader’s belief in the very opportunity that they joined you in.

Not only that, but now you have to fight to get the attention back of both your Leads, and your Team.

Because as soon as you start sending your lists to other people’s offers, now they are bombarded by dozens of offers every month, and the confused mind, does nothing.

The KEY is to learn to say no the rest, and YES, to the Best.

Because the chances for big success by Marketers who dabble in more than one opportunity, is very, very low.

Yes, there are some who can build multiple streams of income at one time, but very few actually can, and sustain their success for very long.

My suggestion is to get your income up to at least 50K per month before you begin building something new, and if you do, start a new list so that your message doesn’t get diluted.

Yes, you can make money by ‘monetizing’ your list, but the amount of money that you’d make if you’d just stay focused in the one that you’d been sharing with your lists, or market (through Social Media), is a whole lot more.

Instead of becoming a Jack of All Trades, you want to become a Master of ONE.

Then, once you have a big success story, then you have earned the right to go out and build another business.

Because the #1 Reason that most people fail in business is not due to a lack of training or education or even motivation – it’s lack of FOCUS – it’s about Distraction, and it’s about Shiny Ball Syndrome!

It makes great men average and reduces great opportunity down to merely nothing.

When you have VISION, you can see past a lot of the challenges that cause many a marketer to take their eye off the ball, and start swinging at bad pitches not even worth their time.

It’s called Tripping over Dimes, to make Dollars, and if you trip enough, eventually you are going to fall on your face.

So, the essence of this Home Business Tip, is:

“Those who last, always finish 

Remember, true leaders are not those who strive to be first but 
those who are first to strive and who give their all for the
 success of their team.

True leaders are the first to see the need, envision the plan and
 empower the team for action.

By the strength of the leader’s commitment, the true power of the 
team is unleashed.

So, STEP UP and become the best leader you can.

Do better than your best, break your own records and constantly
 strive to improve your performance, and I assure
 you, by staying focused, building your business just like you expect them to do, and leading by example or what to do, and what NOT to do, your team will notice and follow.

So there you have it, 
”Those who last, always finish first!”

Live by this Home Based Business Tip and you too will find yourself 
looking down, from the top of Success Mountain, just like Braveheart, screaming…


So, what is YOUR next step?

Well, if you are DESTINED for Greatness, DESTINED for Success, DESTINED for Living a Life of complete & total Freedom of your own…

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