Several months ago, after a chance encounter in a local coffee shop, and some curiosity about her and how her services would work for me, I began working with a new friend & business coach.

Elizabeth performed her work for me, pro bono – which means that she did not charge me for our time together, since she also required some business & marketing coaching of her own. In other words, she & I swapped services.

I worked with her for several hours on marketing her business, and she worked with me for several hours on some personal breakthroughs that I’d been working toward.

Elizabeth is a bit on the spiritual side – to put it lightly – and does a lot of work with clients who are looking to create clearings, for bigger & better thoughts, ideas, and business results.

She works with a few other local business owners I came to find out, so I felt at ease knowing that she has lots of experience working with other business owners besides just myself.

After our first conversation, I was given an assignment to request from any past clients, customers, and business associates who have outstanding debt with me, to make good on their word – to pay me what they promised to, and to follow through with their commitments – in attempt to not just collect what was owed to me, but also to assist them in clearing their ‘own’ conscious about money, projects, and offers they have yet to finish for me, and perhaps some others.

NOTE: You would be surprised at how many people “owe” other people – not just money, but project completion, deliverables, even follow up and follow through, as in a simple “call back”.

And because these open ended commitments are never completed – it causes a subconscious reel of unfinished business that perpetuates into every area of their lives.

My truth is, that when you ask for someone to pay you back, on the surface it may appear as though you are doing it only for yourself, but when you truly understand how the Law of Reciprocity works, you would see that it’s just as much for them, as it is for you.

So, I approached 5 different people, all either past clients or associates of mine who at one time made an offer (even a promise) to pay me, for either services rendered, attendance at a LIVE event I’ve hosted, or personal debt – one of which was a $1,000 commission that was paid to this person by our previous company, in a cross sponsoring situation.

Cross sponsoring is when an affiliate of a company tells another affiliate that it’s ok to leave their original sponsor, and sign up with & work with them instead.

The Outcome of this Case Study / Assignment?

3 of the 5 people I contacted actually paid me.

One completely ignored me.

And the other told me he’d get back to me and “take care of it”, but never did.

One paid in full via PayPal. We are made whole again. $2,300 that was owed, all cleared up.

One paid 50% of what he owed. A check for $350 showed up in my mailbox only a few weeks later with promise to pay the 2nd half of that within 30 days. Still nothing from that person. Not holding my breath.

One paid $400 of a $997 product I once sold with no promise to pay the remaining balance.

The one who cross sponsored my Member many years ago, actually offered to pay me $1,000 over a year ago, when he was doing his own “making good” exercise, I believe it was also a religious exercise, which I pardoned, but then asked for again during this exercise of my own. He mentioned that he would make good on his promise within 3-5 days, but never did.

Here’s the takeaway:

This whole exercise was not so that I could get paid from these people.

It was to create a clearing.

I was instructed to ask for what I was owed.

And regardless of what the other parties did, I did my part.

I asked for what I wanted.

And that alone, is all that I could do without chasing people to be paid, which I have never done, nor will ever do.

Because when you know how to attract money, you never have to chase it – it chases YOU.

But you have to be in the right frame of mind for that to happen.

You have to have the right skill set, and you have to have the right offer.

So, that leads me to my offer, for YOU.

As you may know…

I have been doing a lot of one one one coaching & consulting.

I’m starting to fill my March Coaching Roster right now.

And, I just reduced my normal coaching fee by $2,000, for the first 3 people who jump into a Coaching Package with me for March.

If you are interested in having a one on one conversation with me (FREE of charge), head over to my Website and submit a Coaching Application (at the top of the page).


The more detailed you get in your application, the sooner I will call you back.

My normal response time is usually 48 hours or less.

Go now and let’s see if you & I are a match.

I would love to explore the possibilities of working together, on YOUR business.

For more info on my coaching, you can also go to

Either way, submit an Application here. 


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