My good friend Tony and I were chatting recently, and he asked me a “life changing” question.  Well, it’s actually the answer that can be a life-changer, and it’s a true personal story…

The question asked of me was whether or not I thought someone with the resolve, some determination and a willingness to have a better life….. could change their life completely over the next 90 days.

Here was my response:

I remember digging through my own sofa looking for change back when I first became an entrepreneur – just so I could get my hands on a .99 burrito from my local taco shop at the beach.

Other than having $17 in my bank account and getting dumped right before a date by a girl who was also the teller at my bank, those lost nickels and dimes I found in my couch were like a million dollars to me.

Because not only did they feed me when I was hungry – they fed me when I was hungry.

They kept me grounded and focused on what I really wanted – not what I didn’t have.

Those spare nickels & dimes didn’t just remind me of how much work I still had to do, but also, they reminded me that I was blessed enough to have found them.

I remember the feeling of gratitude one night, after walking past a couple of homeless guys who were begging for some spare change – because that wasn’t me.

And then I remember feeling ‘rich’ for the first time, after I made a little bit of money from my business, and was able to buy those same homeless guys a burrito of their own.

In our society, the opportunities for success are endless.  Anyone with a strong desire to succeed and a stellar work ethic could do it.  Because as Jim Rohn once said, “You can either buy, then sell; or, you can sell, then buy.”

Whatever people are financially comfortable with in their lives, is their own choice.  I know a  lot of ‘Rich’ people, who are still broke.

This doesn’t mean that they are brokEN.

They just value different things in their lives and a lot of money or financial security is not one of them – because if it was, they’d do something about it.  However, if they are comfortable being uncomfortable, and they are not complaining about it or looking to improve their situation – I’m ok with that.

Now for those who ARE uncomfortable with their lives, personally, professionally, financially, or all three – and who are willing to do the work and hold themselves accountable and responsible for their results at the highest level – these are the people who are in our market.

Because they WANT change – and -

IF they are willing exercise their risk tolerance, do the work and stay consistent & persistent, these are the men & women who could find themselves right up at the top with those people who have already created massive success in their lives.


As far as 90 days – yes – anyone with the desire to invest the capital it takes to position themselves for life long success – who put their ego on the shelf – and who do the work until they get what they came here for in the first place – can ABSOLUTELY change their entire life within 90 days, if they’d just go to work like their life actually depended on it and quit caring about what everybody else thought of them.

Aaron Rashkin Your Make Money Mentor
‘Once Personally, Spiritually, Financially & Emotionally Broke‘ Rashkin
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