Here’s the thing. When you are brand new to a home-based or online business, you don’t have a story yet.

So how can you… 


- Compete with the big boys and girls who know how to market?

- Put up websites that make ridiculous amounts of money 24/7, 365?

- Write stellar ad copy?

- Make GREAT videos?




- Write killer broadcast & follow up messages that convert lookers to buyers fast?


The Answer…

Just use successful people’s ‘stuff’.


- their Websites

- their Ad Copy

- their Videos

- their Marketing Messages


I do this same exact thing with my team. I took my own Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Funnel and had it coded so that any one of my members can use it.


They are my ‘Marketing Consultants’, and I convert their traffic to leads, leads to buyers, and buyers into raving fans who buy again and again from them.


At every level, they get all the recognition, all the credit & commissions. We teach them how to drive traffic and our funnel makes the sales for them.


It’s beautiful!


But this isn’t about my business.


This is about YOUR business.


Because I have found a way for you to do the EXACT same thing, but to grow YOUR own business, no matter what company, product or opportunity you build.


It’s 100% Generic Training [some of the best stuff I've seen in the Industry] and has a 100% Generic Viral Blogging System that’s getting
people’s content on the 1st Page of Major Search Engines…


This means ONE thing…


And with this Capture Page…


And when they go through this Funnel…



Traffic. Leads. Sales.

Traffic. Leads. Sales.

What else is there?



For YOU & your Family. For your BUSINESS. For your TEAM.   Whatever Company, Product or Business you run.   All I know is that the more we market this page, the more we sell in our Primary Business!


Even if you don’t have a business yet, or are in between opportunities…


This Marketing Platform & Funnel, can greatly assist you in many ways…It has for us and for thousands already. To the tune of $20,000,000 in only 1 year’s time. Check it out and let’s connect on it when you decide to get on board.


Watch for my testimonial in there. It’s quick, but you’ll see if  you pay attention.



Your Marketing Mentor Aaron Rashkin






Aaron Rashkin



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  • This was a cool blog post Aaron! I need to do what you said, ‘use successful people’s stuff’ LOL! I’ll probably be writing a similar blog post…

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