It’s an interesting subject – problem solving.

In my opinion at least, because everybody handles conflict resolution & self management very differently.

In Home Based Business, one of the biggest problems I see being solved, in some sorta way at least, is when a person’s business slows down.

Typically, there’s only one of three options I see a lot of people implementing: 

#1 – Either they will do nothing, meaning that they may be burned out, and need a little time to re-group, take a step back and re-evaluate what they want to do to solve the problem.

#2 – They will immediately begin implementing new strategies to work around existing issues.

#3 – Or, someone will start fresh with a new opportunity, putting their current one on the back burner, but still collecting a check with the intentions of possibly coming back to that opportunity down the road if things turn around without their help.
The Problem?

From my experience, it’s rare, if ever, that when someone takes their eye off the ball, meaning that they get sidetracked, with what they think is a bigger, or better opportunity, that they have the ability to come back, and recoup momentum in their business.

I’ve noticed this especially in Network Marketing, when someone’s business slows down or never even picks up because they didn’t focus on the right things in the first place – that their interest slowly wanes.

Top Leaders & Earners do not do this.

When business slows down, Top Leaders & Earners realize that business is never slow – it’s them who’s been slow.

It hasn’t happened often for me, but when it has, my focus goes right back into productivity and momentum starts building once again.

I don’t go and start another business the minute things don’t work out perfectly, or even start slipping a little.

Instead, I focus in on a solution, to correct whatever might not be working.

Because I know that a large part of success is creating solutions for existing issues, and not stopping until they are figured out, regardless of how challenging the issues may become.

It’s like this:

If you walked into your kitchen and found the water running from your sink with a huge flood on the floor, would you mop up the mess or shut the water off first?

The KEY is to identify the real issue and address it right away.

Most of the time, it’s not about your skills or the mechanics of your business – a little focused effort can fix that right up.

The REAL answer, is to frame your challenge differently.

Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to start over, or run the other way and look for a place where it appears that the grass is greener – do like the Top Leaders & Earners do, and bloom exactly where you’re planted.

This way, no matter what your business is, you don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s your business that isn’t performing up to speed – because almost 100% of the time, it’s not the business – it’s YOU.

How do I know?

Well, how many times are you going to go down this same road?

Starting over, again, because things didn’t work out the way you expected, or perhaps you realized that your next level of success demands a new YOU – yet you are too fearful to address the real issue and overcome?

Unfortunately, I see a lot of really good people, and great marketers who have a pattern of starting, stopping, getting discouraged and thinking that there’s a bigger, better deal, on the other side.

Sure, it might be exciting to start something new, and cross recruit the low hanging fruit, but when that excitement wears off and you have to truly figure out how to build your business as a result of your own efforts…

… this is what separates the Winners from the Whiners.

The bottom line is this:

Those who last, always finish first.

When the going gets tough, the tough stay in the game, re-group, re-focus, and re-execute a new plan.

Because everything is in place for your success.

The Company.

The Product.

The Team.

The Tools.

The System.

The Training.

And the Support.

Oh, and the highest commission payout in the entire Home Based Business Industry.

The ONLY missing ingredient is YOU.

When you are ready to lock arms and fight the forces of evil with us…

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