HOT Leadership Tip #9 is another one of my personal favorites.

Matter of fact, it should become one of yours too, if you want to start earning the big bucks that is!

Truly, when you understand this concept and apply it to every situation, you will see big differences in how your business grows.

Here’s how this works:

Right now, everywhere you turn, people have problems.

Problems. Problems. Problems.

Nobody wants problems, but everyone has them, right?

The key here, is to look at problems a different way.

Problems are the real key to your fortune, because without them, there would be no solutions.

Here’s the bottom line.

In life you get paid for the problems you solve.

The richest people in the world search out and solve the biggest problems.

Sometimes these problems are not even identifiable, but by asking questions, you can bring to light an area that may be dark for someone else.

Ponderable Question:

Did you ever use a band aid without having a cut?

No way.

The one who came up with the band aid, makes mega bucks!

Look at how many people Oprah solves problems for.

Put on your problem solving glasses.

What problems do you see around you that you can help solve.

Remember, your natural talents, where your natural strengths are, is just a solution to someone’s problem.

Point being, everything was created to solve a problem.

Find a problem. Solve it. Make a fortune.

Apple just sold it’s 100th million IPOD, why?

Because IPOD’s are solving problems for millions.

Why is Walmart so successful?

Yes, we can argue about low cost labor, etc…but the bottom line is they solve problems for millions of consumers.

It’s time to transform the way you think.

Look for problems in the marketplace that your leads, contacts and prospects have.

Provide a solution.

The same goes for yourself.

Got a problem. Get paid big m’oney to solve it.

So here’s HOT Leadership Tip #9.

“The bigger the problem, the bigger the paycheck.”

When you really start listening to people, instead of trying to sell them, they will tell you their problem in every conversation, that you are supposed to solve with your product, service or business opportunity.

But gather more information than you think you need.

Become an expert investigator.

Ask questions, listen and take mental notes. Even write them down if you must, but no matter what you do, find the problem that people have.

Find the one thing that people want more than anything but cannot have until they are given a solution.

Solve the problem, get paid.

Solve many problems, get paid ridiculous amounts of money!

The better the solution, the better the paycheck.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the paycheck.

It’s a true win-win!

Be a problem solver and change people’s lives.

Until your final HOT Leadership Tip, #10, it’s straight to the top!