If you’ve ever been on any of my LIVE Prospecting Training Calls, Leadership Calls or any Training Calls, you’ve heard me say that your language will either make, or break your success.

It’s true.

Your thoughts become your words.

Your words become your actions.

Your actions become your habits.

Your habits become your character.

And your character becomes your destiny.

So be careful of your thoughts.

Bottom line is, since thoughts become words

and what words people use when speaking determine where

they are in their lives, their language is a dead giveaway.

Here’s what I mean:

Has anyone ever asked you, “How hard do I have to work to be successful?”

I hear it a lot, simply because I talk to a lot of people.

It kind of seems like a strange question, doesn’t it?

There are only 3 possible answers though:

(1) I’ll try.

(2) I’ll do my best.

(3) I’ll do whatever it takes.

Answers 1 and 2 mean failure, 100% failure in not just MLM, but in life. Try all you want. Life and MLM are both too challenging to just ”try”.

What about trying your best?

Your best isn’t good enough…PERIOD!

The reason is, that you weren’t born with what it takes to build a huge network filled with people who believe in your company’s product, service or opportunity.

Your best isn’t good enough. You must get BETTER!

You must be willing to do WHATEVER it takes.

Whatever it takes, for however long it takes, is truly what it takes.

And herein lies HOT Leadership #8…

“You must work more on yourself, than on any other area of your business.”

Become a Leader by developing more character, by developing more influence and developing other leaders.

When you get better, your success will follow.

Remember, you will never out-perform your own Self Image and know that your Personal Income will never exceed your Personal Growth.

Afterall, What is the alternative?

Give 80,000 of the best hours of your life to an employer – that program has a 95% failure rate.

Do whatever it takes.

Work more on yourself than on any other area of your business.

Hot Leadership Tip #8!