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I’m going to take you back to one specific day about nine month s

I had just signed a 3 Year Contract to study, practice and live the 
art of Tae Kwon Do with a 6th Degree Black Belt & Master Teacher; 
Master Do Young Kwon.

I thought knew what I was in for, however, I didn’t realize how 
deep I was in it!

On my first day of class, I was taught some of the simple basic 
hand techniques and kicks.

Not too bad I thought. I can get good at

And then, something interesting happened.

When Master Kwon commanded the class to line up, side by side,in 
belt order, I found myself at the very end, in the back of the Do
Jang. (This is what a Korean Tae Kwon Do Training Place is called.)

Yes, I was a white belt, on my first day of class.

The lowest man 
on the totem pole.

White represented the fact that I was fresh, pure, innocent and 
completely brand new to the art and discipline.

The other belts of yellow, orange, purple, green, blue, brown, high
 brown, red, red stripe, double red stripe, black and many degrees
of black, all stood at attention to our Master Teacher, motionless,
 eyes focused, mind focused and body focused, waiting for Master
 Kwon’s next command.

I was nervous, not sure what was going to happen, or come next.

Here I was, on my first day of class, sweating it out, unsure of
 what was about to happen.

I was in the “un”knowing and very anxious.

I could feel my body tense up and all I could think about was my 
fear, as we stood there, eyes front, staring into a giant mirror on 
the front wall.

Not one single person moved their head, their eyes or their body.

You could hear a pin drop.

I was the only one looking around, checking out the whole scene,
 for a full minute.

It seemed like eternity.




Then came Master Kwon’s command in a soft voice.

”Jumping Jacks #1, 10 times.”

Jumping Jacks?

Are you kidding me, I thought to myself.

Here I am enrolled in the Martial Arts, standing next to kids that 
are 5, 7 and 10 years old, who were already 5 belts ahead of me and 
we are going to do Jumping Jacks?

I was embarrassed to say the least, almost insulted that this was 
part of my training.

All the parents and other students getting ready for the next class 
to begin, were watching silently.

Here I just dedicated three full years of my life, paid thousands 
of dollars to learn Tae Kwon Do, and Jumping Jacks is the next 

I wanted to walk off the mat and go home.

For that brief moment, I 
was burning up inside.

Well, to my surprise, these Jumping Jacks were not your “typical”
Jumping Jacks that you and I learned in grade school.

They are Korean Jumping Jacks, much different than regular Jumping

So, let me tell you, when the class began to perform, like a well
oiled machine, all in unison, all together, perfectly in synch, I
was the only one who looked like a babbling idiot.

Imagine a rag doll just floundering around, mixed up and confused
 and completely out of sync.

The cadence and rhythm of the class performance was stellar.

My performance was quite the spectacle.

It was at this time that I realized HOT Leadership Tip #7.

And it is this…

“The best leaders are the best followers”.

You see, I thought I was “too cool for school”, and the words, “I 
already know this” took me from a place of  self to a place called

I realized that day, that there should never be a moment as a 
leader, when we could not be humbled and willing to learn from those
 who have come before us, who have already mastered the skills that
 we have not and who know far more about a subject than we do.

There should never be a day when you aren’t willing to repeat what 
you’ve already learned, heard and practiced, knowing that
 repetition is the mother of all skill and that these simple little
 skills will become those that will take you to the top.

That day, I realized that no matter how much I thought I knew about 
life, I didn’t know anything about Korean Jumping Jacks!

And if I didn’t know about Korean Jumping Jacks, then there had to
be plenty more I didn’t know about EVERYTHING!

In other words, as a leader, you can always learn something new, 
from everyone.

Here I was a 35 year old guy, who bench presses over 300 lbs, 
learning Korean Jumping Jacks from a seven year old little girl.

Certainly one of my greatest lessons in life and about leadership.

Although I am 28 years her senior, success knows no age, race, 
religion, sex or skin color.

Poof positive that many times, the student can teach the teacher, regardless of the 

Never, ever, be too cool for school.

Remember, the more you listen, the more you learn.

And the more you learn, the more you will earn.

It’s a direct relationship.

Stay humble and stay green.

For when you are green, you are growing.

When you are “ripe”, you are rotting.

And there you have HOT Leadership Tip #7, “The best leaders are 
also the best followers.”

Become a great follower, and then become a great leader.