You are up to Hot Leadership Tip #4 in your training series.

This one is a doosey, so pay close attention here.

Here’s the deal:

For years, I was doing everything right…so I thought.

I bought leads and cold called.

I called my Warm Market.

I sent out information, sent people to websites, emailed them and even 3 wayed them onto Conference Calls every day.

I went out and met people at local events, functions and networking groups.

I invested in training and coaching with people more successful than myself.

I purchased tapes, CDs and books and listened to them and read them every single day.

I showed up at events, conventions and get togethers.

I was doing everything right, right?


Actually, I WAS doing things right, but for the WRONG reasons.

You see, It was all for me. All for myself. All for I.

I was the only one I truly cared about.

I was the one who needed the most help.

I was the one in pain.

I was the one without money.

I was the one who wanted so badly for life to be different.

I was the one who struggled more than anyone I knew.

So, I was what you’d call selfish, self absorbed and self consumed.

And as a result, I became a taker.

All I cared about was taking for myself and making sure that I was taken care of.

I wanted to take back my time.

I wanted to take back control of my life.

I wanted to take back control of my finances.

Take, take, take, take, take.

That’s all I knew.

Take. For myself. Not for anyone else. Me, me, me, me, me.

One day, the world was to become MINE!

So, I held on tight.

Kept a tight grasp on the little that I had.

In fear of losing it all.

Little did I realize that this need for control actually had me in it’s own grasp.

In other words, the more control I tried to assume, the less I had and the more my life spun out of….control!

I was really,,,out of conrol.

Do you get this.

I was trying to take control so much, of everything around me, that I was in less control than I began with.

Powerless. Disempowering myself and trying to force my success.

I was trying to “make” myself succeed.

So, Hot Leadership Tip #4, is this:

“True strength & power, is not about holding on, but letting go.”

Letting go of the need for control.

Letting go of the need for perfection.

Letting go of the need to be RIGHT.

Letting go of the need to be important.

Letting go of the fear of what others think of you.

So many things to let go of, you must pretty much become empty.

So empty, that you can fill yourself back up with the qualities that it truly takes to become a Leader.

Love, Passion, Belief, Trust, Faith & Peace.

When your self is based on these ideas, success no longer becomes about YOU, but others.

And as a result of your true sincerity and interests in seeing other people succeed, you will attract and develop all the success that you’ve ever dreamed of.

Remember, just as power is not about money, cars, property or buildings, succcess is about your own fulfillment, security and peace of mind.

When you become successful at being ok with yourself, the rest will follow.

Free yourself emotionally and you will then see the true influence you have over yourself and those you communicate with.

So, to re-iterate Hot Leadership Tip #4, true strength is not just about holding on, but letting go.

Letting go of having to have the answers and be right all the time.

Letting go of a situation when things don’t go your way; to be OK with it.

It is what it is and the less you resist, the less you and those around you will struggle.

That’s it for now. As I said, this one is a doosey!

Learn to appy this information and watch your business and the businesses of those around you take HUGE upward turns for the better!