Congratulations for reaching HOT Leadership Tip #10!

You should have received well over 23 messages from me in the past
4 months.

Your continuing to receive these “mini-reports” tells me that you
are driven, persistent and on your way to the top!

Most people would have already quit, canceled, turned this
information down or Canceled their Subscription, but not YOU!

You don’t just see with eyesight, but with VISION.

If you’ve implemented what you’ve learned so far into your business
and your life, you are surely on your way to GREAT success!

Remember, your success begins and ends with you.

So does your Leadership.

You are the #1 Factor in how your business and your life turns out.

Nothing else.

You also are the #1 Factor in attracting followers.

You are the #1 Factor in having people do things that they’d never
otherwise do, if left on their own.

You are the #1 Factor in inspiring others to become more than they
already are.

You are the #1 Factor in your level of Leadership.

And your Leadership determines the overall level of success.

You see, success without Leadership is like a building without a

If you are going to build something great without first investing
into its foundation, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the building
looks on the outside, the foundation determines how long it will
look that way.

Strong foundation, strong building.

Weak foundation, long term, no building.

Only you can decide.

You must ask yourself, ‘Do I want just 15 minutes of fame, or do I
see myself being one of the last men or women standing at the end
of the day, for the long haul?”

Everything, rides on your Leadership.

The foundation is the key to your longevity.

What defines you as a Leader, is NOT your Self Image.

That’s your
opinion of yourself.

What defines you as a Leader, are your followers.

It doesn’t matter if you THINK you are a leader or if you have
manufactured and developed character or have a high level of
commitment, if no one is following you, you are not Leading.

This may sound simple, but many people who consider themselves a
Leader, are nothing more than a good person with high levels of
character, but very little influence.

The sole purpose of being a Leader, is to inspire others to achieve
more than they ever would, if left to themselves.

It’s not for attention or to be popular or to be in control.

It’s to inspire others to something that they never thought they
could do.

And staying in the game, staying focused and not letting little
things rob YOU, of big opportunity, is the very first step in
becoming the Leader that others are looking for.

So, HOT Leadership Tip #10 is…

“Those who last, always finish

Remember, true leaders are not those who strive to be first but
those who are first to strive and who give their all for the
success of their team.

True leaders are the first to see the need, envision the plan and
empower the team for action.

By the strength of the leader’s commitment, the true power of the
team is unleashed.

So, STEP UP and become the best leader you can.

Do better than your best, break your own records and constantly
strive to improve your performance, and I assure
you, your team will notice and follow.

So there you have it, HOT Leadership Tip #10, which again say,
”Those who last, always finish first!”

Live by these Leadership Tips and you too will find yourself
looking down, from the top of Success Mountain!