Welcome to my 2nd Set of Messages in your training.

They are called “Hot Leadership Tips” and there are a total of 10.

I personally have used these Leadership Tips to grow my ownbusiness from 0 to 6,000 people, over a 36 month period and then, to grow a Million Dollar Business in just 20 months in oneof the top Direct Sales companies in the World.

Now although the past few years of implenting these strategieshave paid off for me tremendously, I’ve learned the concepts and philosophies in the following messages over the past 15 years.

And they didn’t all come at once.

Instead, they took many years of trial and error before I realized the lesson in each of these messages.

Now let me be the first to share with you, that although I earn asix figure in.come from my networking business, by no means do I claim to know it all or have ALL the answers.

I just have had the privilege of being in and around the networkingindustry for the past 13 years, (again, at the time of thiswriting) and have been exposed to a lot of different people, situations, circumstances and conditions that have taught me many lessons when it comes to achieving success through leadership.

Yes, I’ve made many, many mistakes and errors in judgment, which Iintend on sharing with you over the next ten messages, however, the lessons I’ve learned from these mistakes, have earned me hundreds of thousands of dollars in just the past 12 months.

So, as I’ve now eluded to, I don’t have ALL the answers, but Icertainly know where to find them.

It’s the same as being a good attorney.

He or she may not know every single law there is, but he or sheshould at least, know where to find them.

A great leader is the same way.

And this is Hot Leadership Tip #1.

“First seek to understand; then to be understood.”

You see, my Formula for Success, is lesson #1 in Leadership.

Here are the three parts to the Formula that you must understandand master to succeed:

#1 – Learn the System#2 – Teach the System#3 – Teach to Teach the System

The biggest factor here is #1; Learning the System.

You see, until you learn the system, you cannot teach it.

And you certainly will not be able to teach how to teach it, if you haven’t even learned it for yourself.

So, learning the system, means not just knowing what to do, but actually doing what you know.

Making the time to build your business.

Taking your leads, contacts and prospect through your information system, until you collect a decision.

Developing yourself from the inside, with good books, CDs andTraining, developing character, which by the way, does not happen when you are sitting on the beach in Hawaii drinking a Mai-Tai.

Character is developed when you learn to weather the storms of disappointment, discouragement, anticipation and un-met expectations. You know, when you feel let down and the only one you can truly depend on is yourself.

This is all part of learning the system.

And while you build yourself up on the inside, you must also build on the outside, with great work habits, high integrity and constant and never ending persistence.

This  is how you develop leadership!

No more, no less. This is where it all starts.

You must know the system, by doing it, over and over and overagain. Day in and day out. Every week, every month and every year,until you MASTER it!

In the meantime, you will be earning income and attracting otherswho want YOU to teach them the system.

Yes, you get to become the Leader now!

And this is where Hot Leadership Tip #1 comes into play.

You see, first you understand the system; the way you do business. And then, and only then, will you be understood by others.

When you are understood, then and only then will others want to andbe able to learn the System from you.

And then…the magic happens because once they’ve learned theSystem, they too will go out and teach it to others who also wantto learn the System.

This is when you have people on your 2nd level, 3rd level and 4thlevels, all doing exactly what YOU are doing.

And by staying consistent, as a team, over time, you will find those on your 10th, 15th and 25th levels all doing the same things.

However, you must first seek to understand; then be understood.

Then, when your phone stops ringing, but your bonus checks aregoing up, you know you’ve arrived!

Not a bad place to be…

So, first, “seek to understand, then to be understood.”

The more you understand the System, the Industry and the game youare playing in, the simpler it will be for others to understand you and YOUR message.

This is one of the biggest factors in your success!