OK, so now you know Hot Leadership Tip #1, which again, is “first
seek to understand; then to be understood”.

Go back and read this tip again and again when you look at your
 progress and don’t like what you see….

Hot Leadership Tip #2, is based more on leading the most important
person there is to lead.

And that is yourself.

“But how do you do that Aaron?”, I’ve been asked a thousand times.

“How do I lead myself?”

Well, as you may have figured out, leadership is about attracting
 followers and other leaders, through the power of your own

And since it’s leaders that lead their followers, what must lead
 YOU, is not just another leader, but your own VISION.

When your vision is big enough, the facts don’t matter.

When your vision of what you want is clear, (and I mean… crystal
clear) then and only then will you invest the time, energy and
 passion inside of you, to devote yourself to the mission.

I mean, if you didn’t know how beautiful the princess is, then why
would you spend the next 3-5 years of your life trying to slay the

So , Hot Leadership Tip #2 is simple.

“Lead yourself first, then when you are truly ready, others will

This means doing everything that you’d want your followers to do,
 when they show up.

This means leading by example.

Doing the thing.

Being the person you’d want to lead into your own organization, 
onto your team, into your business and your life.

Act as if you are already that person and soon enough, you will be
leading him or her.

Stay consistent over time, weather the storms that come your way,
 plant your flag, stand your ground and never give up and you will
 have an army follow you.

Be loyal to your team, show constant integrity, do what is best for
 others and not just yourself and you could lead your team, right
 into certain death.

Remember the movie Braveheart?

William Wallace stood his ground and became such a great leader,
that his team was willing do die for their cause.

But it was he, William Wallace who lead himself first.

Yes, lead yourSELF.

Influence your own life, through the power of YOU.

Take yourself to a new place today.

Step up.

Strengthen your own beliefs in yourself, your confidence, your 
skill sets and your resolve.

Here’s the deal:

  Your next level of success demands a new YOU!
  (read that again)

Sounds simple, right.

  It IS simple.
Just tell yourself it is and it is.

  You choose.

You make the choice.

  Not anyone else.  

Just you.

Be the leader YOU’VE been looking for.

  You have everything you require to succeed.

Now is your time.

  Make it so…