I rode the recumbent bike today on Level 25 for the last 10 minutes of my workout.

I didn’t just ride – I rode like i was going somewhere fast – like i was in a hurry.

And for f*%# sake, I was!

I was in a hurry to be my best, in the shortest amount of time.

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t got much time to waste! I mean, I could waste time doing what average people do, you know, complaining, blaming, being draining, but that’s just not me.

Hell no!

So, there I was, sweatin’ it up, peddling like I meant it, short of breath about 60 seconds in.

My legs were severely challenged and screaming for mercy.

I started seeing red.

My mind pretty much stopped – right there on just finishing my workout.

Nothing else mattered at that moment.

Minute by minute the pain worsened.

I coulda sworn that my heart  was gonna explode at minute 7, but I was right there – so close to another personal victory.

Second by second the clock wound down.

After 10 minutes of the most intense ride of my life, the tension finally lowered itself and the burn immediately subsided.

Amazingly, with lowered resistance, my legs kept up that feverish pace – that high intensity peddling, even when they didn’t have to.

Now on level 6, my legs were churnin’ at 200 rpms.


Could I resume normal breathing again?

I would, but my legs kept on moving.

I literally had no control over them!

They just rode without thinking!



<Deep Breath>

My friend, this is the power of conditioning.

Your muscles can get just as conditioned and programmed as your mind.

When you challenge yourself and do first what most others find boring and uncomfortable, you learn to win at a level that doesnt just make you a winner, but a Champion!

You welcome challenge.

You embrace obstacles.

You remain in your power.

You figure out ways over, under, in-between and around.

This is called “Overcoming Everything” and to be quite frank – this is what it takes to be a winner.

What it requires of you and your mind and your body and your heart and your soul to be awesome at whatever you set your mind to.

Very calmly, with poise, power and charisma, you must tell yourself that you are doing it.

Speak these words into existence.

Say them to yourself.

Say them outloud.

Say them to others.

Put your junk on the chopping block and just do it.

Make it known to yourself and everyone around you what you are doing.

Keep your actions in the present.

You are not “going to” or “hope to” or “plan to”.

You are “DOING” it.

Right here, right now.

So, start standing on the gas.

Start flooring it even before the lights turn green.

Make some heads turn.

Create momentum.

Let anyone try and stop you.

It just ‘ain’t gonna happen.

This my friend is called taking yourself and your life to the next level.

You leverage yourself into playing in a bigger game.

You not only learn the rules faster but you learn to Master them.

And when you master the rules, you can even start setting your own.

Get to it.

Finish what you started.

Level 25!

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10 Comments on Finish What You Started

  • Yet another great article Aaron,

    Thanks very much and keep’em coming!

    Warmest regards,

    Jan :-)

  • Excellent words Aaron. Each and everyday, we must get up and do what matters most. Just like the Nike commercials say….”Just Do It.” Easy to say, but hard to implement if your mind is not 110% into it!

    Thanks for your honest words.

    Yours truly,

    Thomas Chandler

  • Hi Aaron, You are a true leader and you have created so many leaders as well. You are so right on that success is all about mind over matter! Great post!

  • WoW! Another lesson in how to be excellent in every part of life, i know that “good pain” all too well. Thank you for setting the stage..

  • Aaron I totally agree. Even though not everyone is on the same time schedule, you have to go all out. Like Yoda says, ‘Do or do not, there is no try’.

  • Hi Aaron, Awesome post…now off to finish something I started yesterday :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • very inspiring,keep them coming,
    thanks aron

  • Hi Aaron, It’s so awesome to be learning from my son after all the years I taught you! Thank you for all your mentoring and motivation!

  • Hey Everyone – Yes, I will definitely keep them coming! Thanks for all
    your encouragement and feedback! You all inspire me to be better everyday!

  • Thanks Aaron! I always find a word or 2 of extra wisdom each time I re-read your thoughts. From previous teachings of yours I have learned to keep my mind open to learning more even to the point of relistening/re-reading etc.
    Valerie Clavin

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