You must be highly committed to attending
our next Day in the Office Event – good for you!

Now, if you are serious and not just curious about discovering for
yourself exactly how I market & talk to people to the tune of multiple
7 figure results, so that you can begin implementing my best strategies
right away, there are just a few important details about our day together:


  • You will want to either fly into Denver Colorado the night before the event if you live out of state, or get to my office with your own transportation if you live in the area.
  • We will provide the exact location of our office once your payment is made and we confirm your travel / accommodation schedule. Hotel transfers not included.
  • We have a local hotel, only a 7 minute cab ride, where you can get a room for only $109 per night (plus tax) which does include breakfast each morning of your stay.
  • We will provide our private driver’s contact information if you prefer a more personal pick up from the airport and/or ride to and from our office.
  • We will meet at my office at 9 am to get started and will provide several snacks and breaks throughout the day.
  • We will provide catered lunch, snacks, fruit & veggie platters, water, coffee, tea, juice, etc…
  • You will get to network, connect, ask questions, take notes and soak up all the information that is shared.
  • You can either stay overnight at your hotel or fly or drive back after the day ends (roughly 7:00 pm that evening)

Just say, “YES! I am 100% IN for a Day in the Office with Aaron Rashkin!”

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For a 2 Pay Option, your first payment will take place immediately. Payment #2 will automatically be billed no later than the Monday before the Event takes place. We will contact you immediately following your 1st Payment to make arrangements for your 2nd payment. If for any reason your 2nd payment fails to be paid, your seat at the event is not guaranteed unless alternate plans are made to make your payment in full before the day of the event. Once your first payment is complete (for Full Pay or 2 Pay Option), you will receive all the details about the day, date, time & location. Your Payment for this Event Ticket, Full or 2 Pay, is NON-Refundable due to space limitations & travel arrangements that must be made in advance.

In Their Own Words

Crystal Curtis (Top Producer & High 5-figure Yearly Earner)

Jordan Schultz (Internet Rockstar & Multiple 5-figure Yearly Earner)

Adam Chandler (Full Time Online Internet Marketer & 6 Figure Earner)

Chris Rocheleau (6 Figure Earner & SEO Expert)

Jeff Loeffler (Member of Aaron & Sophia's Marketing Team)

Faith Nacarato (Member of Aaron & Sophia's Marketing Team)

Pam Hermann (High 6-figure Earner, Speaker, Trainer & Business Owner)