Creative Financing Script

Good Evening Ladies & GentlemanMy name is Andrew Cass and it’s a real pleasure for me to be here with all of you on our creative financing call tonight.

As always, our mission on this call is to give each and every one of you some fresh new ideas about different financing strategies that will not only expand your financial IQ, but assist you in positioning yourself to take full advantage of the very lucrative Automatic Millionaire Membership & Product Line.

Now whether you are a brand new CarbonCopyPRO Member or perhaps you’ve been on board with us for several months or years, this call has been designed to share with each and every one of you that are serious about your success, the best opportunity possible to create your own financial dynasty  by taking advantage of any one of David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire Memberships.

Of course, we know that you are fully committed and ALL IN for the long haul and that this is truly your best shot at finishing rich in a time frame that’s worth getting excited about.

Now the mere fact that you’re here on the line with us right now tells us that you’ll let nothing stand in your way of  accomplishing success and that you are willing to do whatever it takes to truly live your dream of financial independence.

Now of course, part of accomplishing your goals means that you’ll be joining us at the upcoming Automatic Millionaire Conferences where we will personally shake hands and get to know one another, so let’s get serious and set that goal right here, right now, that you will absolutely be in attendance at at least one of our upcoming LIVE events.

Now be careful here not to fall into the trap if you’re thinking, “I’ve got plenty of time to upgrade and get my tickets taken care of.”

Well if I were you ladies and gentlemen, I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute if you truly want to attend these Events, because they do sell out and they will come and go very quickly, especially at the pace this year is already progressing.

In other words, you don’t want to take a gamble with your future, if you’re really serious about your goals in life, then act TODAY!!!! Build your future now by making the commitment to attend our next Automatic Millionaire Event.

Now I want you to stop and think about this for a moment.

And write this down on your paper.

About one out of three people that join Automatic Millionaire at the Silver Level, will step up to a Gold Membership, and they will commit to being at the next event. And one out of every 3 that purchase the Gold Membership will also purchase their ticket to attend the Platinum Summit and of course, the same goes for people upgrading from Platinum to Black.

Ladies & Gentlemen, procrastination can be detrimental to you and your team because remember, and I’m sure you have heard this before, that the speed of the pack is determined by the speed of the leader and unless you are the lead dog, your view will always remain the same.  So step up, be the leader and set the pace for your team now.

Remember, being a leader means that you can’t expect others to do the things that you haven’t yet done yourself. Not only isn’t there any integrity in that, but your people will often as you how you got started and will most likely do exactly the same.

In other words, there is no such thing as HOPE, WISH and MAYBE here; these words have been removed from our vocabulary forever.

We now replace those words with DONE, FINISHED and COMPLETED and we really want you to get plugged in and powered up now to recognize and realize the sense of urgency that comes with your commitments to both your leadership and ultimately, your success.

But more importantly, the empowerment of what David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire Events can do for you, your family and your enterprise.

You see, it’s not so much about the money here. Get that part of it out of the way. You can make it back many times over.  This is about an opportunity to literally change the course of you and your family’s lives forever. Whether it’s the marketing you do here, the wealth creation strategies, structuring yourself properly, and taking advantages of the powerful association with a first class celebrity brand, it all simply comes down to one thing.

And that is…changing other people lives, but first, starting with your own.

It’s about you having an opportunity to grow personally, as well as financially. And if you’re willing to do what it takes to make that happen, it will truly change the course of you and your family’s lives forever.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a group of leaders on line with us tongiht that I am really proud to be associated with. These leaders are going to jog your memory and get your creative juices flowing, with ideas on how you too can be joining the rest of us at the upcoming AMI events.

Remember, this is an investment in your future and it will come back to you time and time again as you get focused and build your AMI business and financial empire.

Ok, here we go, get those tape recorders fired up or take notes, and get ready to have a very informative, fun, empowering and enlightening call.

And just keep in mind, before this call is over, you will have enough great ideas to move forward in securing your attendance at the Gold Conference, Platinum Summit and Black Retreat, all coming up within the next 12 months!

Let’s have some fun on this call and start with our first leader from the state of Colorado. Sophia are you out there this evening? Great! __________, come on out here and share our first creative strategy with the folks this evening.

Thanks Andrew. Ladies & Gentlemen, here is an option to consider. Most companies that offer their employees a 401k plan, also have a “loan provision” as part of the plan. Every employee automatically qualifies. There is no “approval” process, and it only takes about one week for a check to be cut. In most cases you can borrow one half of the value of your 401k and the interest rate is about 6 to 8%. The great thing about this type of loan is that you pay the interest back to yourself until the loan is repaid!  This is a very popular part of any 401k plan and is used by millions of employees each year. Simply contact your Human Resources dept. and they will give you the necessary paperwork.

If you have investments in the market…. stocks, bonds, Mutual Funds, etc., another way to access funds without having to sell your investments is to establish a “Margin Account” with your brokerage firm that holds your securities. This is another very simple process that does not have any type of approval procedure as you are borrowing money against your own securities. The interest rate is approximately 7-8% and you can pay it off any time you like. Simply contact your brokerage firm and request a margin account form and you can get a check cut to you within 2-3 days.

Some of us have called around and have gotten CD rates. If a person wanted to invest $5,000 for one year in a CD, that’s about 2%.  In about a year you will make a whopping $100, and the penalty is three months’ interest. A person could transfer that CD into something that is going to make him some money this year. Risk vs. reward, and there are a lot of better places to put your money.

And by seeing the vision of using those CD’s in getting to the AMI conferences, you will discover many ways in which to make your nest egg grow even faster. In other words, by positioning yourself to get in front of David Bach himself, you can learn how to have your hard earned money go to work for you in ways that have never been heard of before. This is called working smart instead of working hard. In other words ladies & gentleman, using simple strategies like this can get you well on your way to becoming an Automatic Millionaire, in a fraction of the time!

Back to you Andrew.

Andrew :

Appreciate that information Sophia, and thanks for kicking us off this evening on some creative financing strategies with some great information about CD’s.

Sophia, while I have you out here, I know that you’re a strong leader within the Automatic Millionaire Community, so I’d like to pull you back out to share with us what your first event did for you and your family, and what you had to do to get there.

Sophia’s LIVE Event Testimony: (1 minute maximum)

Back to you Andrew

Andrew: Fantastic story, I wish you continued success & we’ll see you again at the next conference.


Charlie from Florida, are you on line with us? Great! ________, if you would come on out here and share some creative ideas on credit unions.

Charlie from Florida:

Thanks Andrew, I would be happy to. Ladies & Gentlemen, there are a lot of Credit Unions out there, but what’s interesting is that most people don’t know that they can do all of their banking through one.

The thing about credit unions is that they are non-profit, which means that everything they provide is at their own cost.

So you can go into a credit union and very easily qualify to become a member.

Now how do you do that?  Well, some credit unions are not as particular as others.  Some are simply looking for more members, while others are not.

Some will ask if you have a relative or a friend who belongs to their Credit Union.  Others will simply say, “Please have a seat and sign here to become a member of our Credit Union.”

In one case a person went in and, within 20 minutes, that person was signed up; then it would take 25 minutes more after the application was filled out for a loan, and they would let him know one way or the other depending upon his credit, whether it was a secured or unsecured loan, or a turn down.

We have discovered that with credit unions, they are much easier to get a loan from and are much more lenient.

If it’s an unsecured loan, it’s just a signature loan, so if you already belong to a credit union you can apply for a personal line of credit. It’s a very simple application, and very soon you could be receiving up to $10,000, depending on your current credit with them, and how long you have been a member in good standing, and they don’t even care what you spend the money on.

Now depending upon your credit, you can receive up to $10,000 on just a signature, and they also accept a co-signer. Their interest rates run anywhere from 9 to 12%.

Those of you belonging to a credit union or thinking about joining with good credit, you could have the money ready to go in about forty-five minutes to an hour, as soon as tomorrow.

Back to you Andrew.


Thanks Charlie, I really appreciate you sharing that powerful information with us on credit unions. Dr. Charlie, you are a top producer and serve on the Leadership Council, so while I have you out here, would you briefly share with the folks what going to your first LIVE Event did for you and how it has impacted your enterprise since then, and also, what you had to do to get there.

Charlie’s LIVE Event Testimony: (1 minute maximum)

Back to you Andrew

Another great story, and I’ll also see you again Charlie at our next LIVE Event!


Michael in Florida, are you out there my friend?

Michael, step out here if you would and share with us some of those creative ideas on Individual Retirement Accounts and their advantages.


Thanks Andrew, Ladies & Gentlemen, let’s look at retirement accounts for a moment, IRA’s & 401K’s for example.

These are pre-taxed structures, and they may charge you a 10% penalty.  For instance, let’s say you take $10,000 out of an IRA and position yourself to attend the upcoming AMI Conference. Yes, it’s a stretch to go, but when you get back you are now able to share the AMI Conferences with so much more conviction, which will literally explode your enterprise. You are hearing from many of the leaders on line this  that can attest to just that.

Folks, if you had a $10,000 in an IRA at a 5% rate of return, at the end of about 14 years you would double your money, that’s $10,000.

By taking $10,000 out, plus the fact that you have now taken out your accumulation of which would double in 25 years, which is $20,000.

When you make 3 Platinum Membership sales as a Master PRO U Affiliate you earn $19,200.   My question to you is that if you are here for the long haul and you are serious about your enterprise, do you think you could sell 3 Platinum Summit tickets in the next 14 years? Think about that, it’s kind of funny. If you’re serious about this enterprise, 3 Platinum Membership sales over the next 14 years is really just a walk in the park.

Back to you Andrew.


Thanks Michael for that great information on retirement accounts. You are one of our top leaders & producers here and serve on the AMI Leadership Council, so while I have you here, if you would please step back out and share your story of what going to your first LIVE event has done for you and your enterprise, and what you had to do to get there.

Michael’s Testimony: (1 minute maximum)

Back to you Andrew.


Gregg are you out there?

Great. If you would jump out here and share another creative idea with us in reference to a deal you can’t refuse.

Gregg: Thanks Andrew.

Folks, let’s take a look at a deal that you can’t refuse.  This is where real desire comes in and just how bad do you really want to become an Automatic Millionaire Member at the highest level possible.

Let’s say we have a very excited, enthusiastic member who more than anything wants join be with the AMI family at LIVE Events. It’s called desire, a burning desire, a white heat of desire, and that’s what we have here – a burning white hot desire to do whatever it takes to get on board.

You see sometimes folks, we need to become very humble and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror. Then we need to mix in the desire level that we have. And if we feel we deserve the kind of success that you have heard shared on this call, then we immediately want to let our minds start wondering.

Ladies & Gentlemen, if need be, reach out to someone who is a close friend, a close business associate, or even a family member, and let them know that you have found a traditional business that packs huge profit margin, and more importantly this program can literally change the course of your and your family’s lives forever. You need to borrow $10,000 or whatever amount you require to invest in your future and get your enterprise off to a fast running start, and you will make an agreement with them to pay them back the in 12 months or less.

A good suggestion or an idea, and remember folks, that’s all we are doing here is giving you options and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  So a good suggestion would be giving them 3% per month.  Now if you should happen to pay it off early, could you make an arrangement with them to do that without any penalty or a flat 36% return for the year, which is $3,600 at the end of one year for every $10,000 you borrow, and yes, that is an incredible return on the investment for the lender.  But, I guess the real question is, how bad do we really want it.

How bad do we really want that change in our lives? One of the most powerful three-letter words in the Universe today, and you want to write this down folks, it’s called A-S-K. Ask, ask for it and you could receive it.

Another option is a title loan on a vehicle, and when you apply for a title loan you are going to pay between 10 and 20% interest. Is that important when you have the opportunity to live a six-figure lifestyle every three to six months? Only if you make some good business decisions and structure your enterprise right?

Basically, in this creative idea all you do is give them your title, and now they are the lien holder. Once you have put that procedure in place, you can take out the funds required to lock your AMI Membership down.

Back to you Andrew.


Thanks Gregg, for that incredible information on using a very powerful three- letter word called “ask” and that information on Title Loans.

Folks, just like Gregg here, if you ask, you will get it; if you sow, you shall reap; and if you’ll seek, you’ll most definitely find it, especially here.

These are all principles that will help each and every one of us grow in this free enterprise today. Gregg, you too are one of our Leadership Council Members & you are giving a lot back to us all. So while I have you out here, would you share your first LIVE Event story with us and what you had to do to get to your first event.

Gregg’s Testimony: (1 minute maximum)

Back to you Andrew

Thank you Gregg, for every thing you do to help all of our enterprises.


Lena from California, are you out there? Come on out here and bring us up to date on home equity loans and lines of credit.


Here’s another creative idea on home equity loans and lines of credit.

Sometimes you can go down and get a line of credit on your home, which is called a home equity loan.

This loan will give you a line of credit that you can pull out anytime you want.

If you received your credit card from a bank or local credit union, you can get a visa card or debit card of which you can obtain an equity line of credit, and a lot of times, you can get an equity line of credit all the way up to 70% of the loan value of your home.

Some of them will even take it up to 90% of the loan value of your home.

Here’s another one. A personal line of credit.

What you can do here is you can go into the bank and tell the teller that you want to talk to someone and fill out some paper work to apply for a personal line of credit on your checking account.

As soon as you have been approved on a personal line of credit, you just give them a call and tell them you want to transfer from your line of credit into your checking account. Then all you have to do is write the check. Depending on your credit and how long you have been banking there, you can receive up to $20,000. Once again, just another Creative Financing Strategy on how you can join us at the Gold Conference, Platinum Summit or Black Retreat.

Remember these are just options and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. So do your research, when you are ready to pull out the stops and do whatever it takes, it just doesn’t matter what you need to do.

Because when you say this is my shot at the title and nothing is going to stand in my way to accomplish my goal, then you are willing to look at everything – keep all options open.

It’s called W.E.I.T., or WHAT EVER IT TAKES.

Because really ladies & gentlemen, if your light bulb is on, I mean really ON, you are constantly looking at every avenue and searching for ways to do whatever it takes to get the financing in place.

Don’t procrastinate on getting things locked down for future events and get your Business positioned to take full advantage of the PRO U Affiliate Marketing Compensation Plan. It’s the best move that you could ever make.

Now somebody might say, well that’s a lot of money. My question to you folks is, would it be worth it to find a way to the get your Gold, Platinum or Black tickets in your hands,  and be able to start your two to five years to personal freedom and financial independence, and an opportunity to live a six-figure lifestyle every 3 to 6 months.

That’s right, that’s truly what can happen to you, in the next few months if you treat your business like a real business.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had an opportunity to earn a strong six-figure income every 120 days or less?

Well, that’s what our tremendous leaders will share with you as you meet them, pick their brains and maybe cover their marketing techniques over a fine meal with them. It is definitely something you do not want to miss. Remember you must do What Ever It Takes, to get yourself  to the AMI events.

Back to you Andrew:

Thanks for sharing that great information with us Lena. You are also an outstanding member of the Leadership Council here with Automatic Millionaire, so let’s hear what you’ve seen by attending LIVE events, and what you had to do to get there.

Lena’s Testimony (1 minute Maximum)

Back to you Andrew.

OK, moving right along here.

Do we have (Loyal9 Guy) from (State) on line with us?  Great (Loyal9 Guy), come on out here if you would, and give everyone on line with us another creative idea on cash that can be acquired from an insurance policy.

Loyal9 Guy:

Thanks Andrew, I would be happy to. Basically, all a person would have to do to cash in on a life Insurance policy is call their insurance agent, find out the phone number for their Insurance Company’s Headquarters, give headquarters a quick call and find out how much has accrued on the policy.

Then sign some papers, and it takes about five to seven days to receive your funding.

So in other words, as soon as you have a cash value in the policy, you can borrow up to a certain percentage of the accrued amount. That’s a very quick procedure for those of you that are working on securing your seat.

You know, when it comes to doing whatever it takes, we have heard that one person sold their car and another sold their motorcycle. Think about it folks. These are people that are making sacrifices and doing whatever it takes to make sure they can attend the next AMI Event.

Their investment in their business and Automatic Millionaire Education can position them to pay cash for these items and more in the very near future.

Do you have a used car, a bedroom set, unused jewelry, a motor home, maybe some rifles? If so, you too could be on your way to join us at the up coming events, if you are willing to step up, sell items like these and creatively finance your AMI Membership.

Back to you Andrew


Thanks  (Loyal9 Guy)!

And for our last Leader, Aaron in Colorado, if you would, please take this call home for us.

Aaron in Colorado

Wow, what a great list of options for people to finance their AMI Memberships!

It’s interesting because at first when we join and get into this  business, we start building and having some fun. Then, we start growing personally and professionally and then all of a sudden this business and product line gets into our blood. So, in other words, at first, we get into AMI and then, AMI gets into us.

If you’re on this call with us, there is no better time for you to make a commitment than right now. With this market and economy, the time to take action is now. Because really folks, what other options are there?

With more unemployment, foreclosures and bankruptcies in the past 24 months than any other time in the history of world economy, the time to get smart, start a business and protect yourself and your family for decades to come, is right now.

Remember the definition of commitment means “doing what you said you would do long after the feeling you had when you said it, wears off.”

You joined CarbonCopyPRO because you want to make changes. Changes in your finances, your freedom and your life. And with David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire Membership, this is all possible. But it’s up to you to make it probable. It’s yours for the taking if you are truly ready to join the ranks of Members who are already doing it.

Back to you Andrew.

Thanks Aaron

I really appreciate you sharing those thoughts with us, and you are also a part of our Leadership Council, giving back all the time as well, so while I have you on line, come on back out here and share, if you would, the sweat equity, the challenges, the benefits of your hard work and making the right decisions in your life. Also, tell us what attending your first LIVE Events did for you and your family, how it has impacted you ever since, and what you had to do to get there.

Aaron’s Testimony:  (1 minute maximum)

Back to you Andrew

Aaron, you are what this enterprise is all about – persistent, consistent action and the drive to succeed. Talk about really putting it into perspective and taking us home on this call. Thanks again.

Well ladies & gentlemen, incredible life-changing stories, along with incredible life-changing information!

We have opened up the curtains for you on this call and have really shared some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get on board with Automatic Millionaire International.

We know that by sharing a number of different options and ideas with you on this call, and letting you hear from many of our leaders, that we have jogged some memories out there, turned on some light bulbs nice and bright, even some flood lights, and opened some doors in helping and assisting each and everyone of you in your forward movement in getting your Memberships and Events locked down.

Remember, it’s not just about the money here. Get that part out of the way – it’s about changing lives here, starting with your life – forever.

And by making the investment into your Personal Finance Education with David Bach’s AMI Memberships, you too could make a profound difference in your life as well as the lives of others.

Because if you always do what you have always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

In closing here on this incredible Creative Financing Strategies call, the keys to a door of personal and financial independence is truly available to you, right here, right now.

It’s such a life-changing experience that when you attend an Automatic Millionaire Event, you will never look at yourself or your life the same ever again. These events will be life changing for you, just as they will be for those who you introduce to them.

David Bach is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people become Automatic Millionaires and today, you have the opportunity to become a product of the product by becoming one of his 1,000,000 Members.

And hey, don’t feel bad if you have to borrow the money. Remember, it’s not about the money, you need to get that part of it out of the way. Many of our leaders, and I’m talking about a large percentage of our leaders here today, the leaders that really have that burning desire to succeed in life, also had to borrow the money to get started as well so know that if you have to use one of these creative financing options to purchase your own Membership, you are right on target to become as successful as you see yourself becoming.

The leaders that see a true light at the end of the tunnel. They, like you were more than ready to do whatever it took.

So get out of your comfort zone, take action and get the job done.

I would like to personally thank all of our leaders today for taking time out of your schedule to share with everyone how most people are normally getting started and financing their AMI Membership. That’s Sophia, Charlie, Michael, Gregg, Lena, (Loyal9 Guy) and Aaron.

Remember folks, this call is designed for people who want to start living the life of their dreams today. By attending the Gold Conference, Platinum Summit & Black Retreat, the life of your dreams will be reached in a much shorter period of time.

We know that with the information you have heard from our leaders and the creative ideas on different Financing Strategies that are available to all of us, you have no excuses not to join us. Now is the time to move forward. Make that commitment today! If you see your future here and you are in for the long haul, then guess what folks, you’ll be at the AMI LIVE Events with us.

Secure your seat today and I’ll look forward to shaking your hand. So set that goal right now and put that plan into action today!

Before  we close the call,  remember it’s those little defining moments of decision that you will make today, that will change the course of you and your family’s lives forever.

We’ll look forward to seeing you at the events and this call is a wrap..

Good night everybody….