I put out a tweet today while working out,  that read, ”Dear Friend, Emotional Freedom preceeds Financial Freedom. Get stable. You can’t effectively fire a cannon out of a canoe!”

It reminded me about the story of a young boy whose goal as a skinny teenager was to put on 25 lbs of muscle.

He wanted badly to play high school football, so he started lifting weights at the gym each day.

He followed the advice of the other kids who were much bigger and stronger.

After months of working out, he was disappointed in his lack of progress.

Not knowing what to do or how to do it, he began feeling a little frustrated.

He stopped showing up, began to question himself and became disinterested in playing football.

Seeing what was going on for him, the manager of the gym called the boy over to talk.

After several minutes of conversation, the boy walked away, began picking up weights and placing them back on their racks.

Every night just before the gym closed, the boy would return to pick up the weights.

Day in and day out, for several months he lifted thousands of pounds each night.

He showed up daily, had a great attitude and was eager to get to work.

He learned the proper ways to lift a weight from the floor and so over and over and over again, every night, he’d squat down, grab a weight, stand up with it and take it back to it’s place on the rack.

Each week, he began getting bigger and stronger and soon enough, the weights began feeling too light for him.

To keep him challenged and focused, his manager would place more weights on the floor, forcing the young man to lift even more weight, forcing his muscles to grow.

After several months, by cleaning up the gym each night, he gained 25lbs.

He tried out for the team, made the cut and played football that year when he entered high school.

So, what does this story have to do with my Tweet?

Oftentimes, before you can succeed, you’ve gotta stop doing that which does not serve you and clean up the mess.

Yes it’s true – you can’t effectively fire a cannon out of a canoe.

Go Figure!

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2 Comments on Can’t Fire a Cannon out of Canoe

  • What a great story and lesson. It surely reminds me of myself when I first started lifting weights in middle school.

    All the other 8th graders were way stronger, lifted more and worked out longer than I did. It wasn’t until years later that I figured out that If I stayed longer, worked out longer and pushed myself to lift heavier than I thought possible, that I broke through my own self imposed barriers.

    Now I fire cannons off of battleships…….

  • It’s so true;I have personally been caught up more
    than once in such a situation and have to stop every now and then,take stock and,when necessary,re-focus on
    the important things in life.

    Great story Aaron and thanks for the reminder.
    Just off to get a brush and’clear out the cupboard’
    once more! :-)

    Have a fantabulous day,

    Jan :-)

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