You are just a couple of messages away from receiving all ten of my 
Best of the Best Prospecting Tips!

But don’t worry, I will still send you more training.

You see, while most others would end their messages at the point 
where everyone expects it to end, I’m going to go the extra mile and
over deliver for you.

I’m going to continue your training with even more information that
could help you take yourself and your business to the next level.

This is about assisting you to what is called “constant and never 
ending improvement”.

You see, by pushing myself past what I thought I could deliver, 
I’ve widened my scope of what is possible, and extend my potential
even more!


This is also part of what is called the “progressive overload
principle” and I used it very successfully when I was learning
to prospect for my business.

Here’s how it works: 

Let’s just say that one day you schedule to make calls for an hour,
or two, and you do it. You keep your word to yourself and your
business and you follow through on this commitment. 

Then, at the very end of your prospecting session, you decide
to go the extra mile and make one more call.

Let’s just say nobody is home at that next number; so you make
another dial.

And another, and another and another, until you make at least
one good connection.

Eventually, you will connect well with someone and lead them
through your marketing system.

Imagine how many more people you could enroll into your
business, if you did this every single time you sat down to 
make calls.

How about adding an extra 2 people per day to your regular
routine, just by going the extra mile.

I used to do this at the end of every prospecting session, every
single day, increasing the number of people I spoke to each 
week and as a result, I enrolled far more people than anyone
who didn’t do it.

Always just one more call. And again. And again. And again, 
until I got what I wanted, which was to connect w/ someone
who was looking for me just as much as I was looking for 

Did it work?

It sure did.

I’ve enrolled well over 1,000 people from a Cold Market in my
MLM Career.

And I know it was because of what I just shared with you

So, Best of the Best Prospecting Training #9 is this….

”There is never a traffic jam, when you are willing to go the
extra mile!”

Follow my lead on this one, and I assure
you that not only will you perfect your skills more than the
average guy or gal, but you will also lead more people, enroll
more people and become a MASTER Prospector at that!

So, until your next Prospecting Tip…it’s to the TOP w/ your