By now, you have read my Top 10 Success Principles, my HOT Leadership Tips and my first Seven Best of the Best Prospecting Training Tips.

Are you ready for #8?

Well, first, you must understand what a Connector is.

What is a Connector?

A Connector is a person who feels so good about him or herself, that othersfind comfort in speaking, sharing and collaborating with them.

In order to become a Connector, you must first possess a lot of confidence, good self esteem and excellent self image.

A Great Connector is without EGO.

You see, EGO can sink you like a boat anchor.

It will hold you back; weigh you down.

Even if you develop excellent prospecting skills, your EGO can destroy yourchances for success.

It’s almost like a hidden evil side of you that says, “I know it all”, “You can’t teachme.”, “I’m in it for me; not you” and “I’m coming from collection, not from contribution”.

EGO is anger, desperation, frustration, lack of patience, the need to be right, theneed to be perfect, the feelings of being heavy hearted and stubborn.

All of these represent EGO. It’s the “I know it all” attitude. Not good.

A Great Connector has given up these areas of their personality and has developed such a soft heart and open mind that others automatically become attracted to them,feel their warmth and want to do business with them.

A Great Connector learns to become strong & bold on the inside and soft and gentle on the outside.

A Great Connector finds the good in people and even when they lose, they don’t lose the lesson.

A Great Connector is loyal, loving, cooperative, faithful, respectful, compassionate, honest & merciful.

A Great Connector has consistent energy and never takes anything personal in business.

Not a yes, not a no, not a “take a hike”. None of it.

They easily separate themselves from highs and low emotional energy. They are emotionally resilient. They are OK with themselves.

And this is why they become great at meeting, engaging and connecting withpeople.

People believe, like & trust them.

They become friends quickly with those they choose to have relationships with and as a result, they become the biggest success stories in our industry.

Strive to become an excellent Connector and you will truly understand Best of the Best Prospecting Tip #8.

Open first, then ‘close’.

Sponsoring someone is not an event. It is a process and to begin the process,they must first be opened.

It’s the ticket to your best success yet!