I spoke with a Coaching Client today and when I asked her howthings were going and what was going on, her response was, “Not much”.I couldn’t believe it. She was part of the not much crowd.

I asked her again, “OK, so what’s new and exciting?”

Again, same response, “not much”. 

Was this really one of my clients.

Well, it was on day #1 of her Coaching Sessions. 

However, I taught her something that day, that has changed her life forever.

And she’s never been a part of the “not much” crowd ever again!

So what did I tell her you ask. 


I explained to her that day, that if she ever expects to become a successin her MLM business, that she’d better get busy!
If she’s not taking a phone call, she must be making a phone call.

Stirring up some action. 

Getting dirty. Jumping into the middle of the game. 

Calling people like wildfire! 

Blowing off the ones that didn’t qualify for her time and opp’ortunity.

Sorting faster with more accuracy.  Of course, I shared with her that since she now knew that her ship wasn’tjust going to “come in”, that she’d have to swim out after it, aggressively andconsistently in order to succeed.

What I taught her that day, is something that has changed her life forever.

It’s called taking a “pro-active” response to her success.

Not sitting around wondering why nobody was calling her, not waiting for people to respond to her, but actively calling new people every single chanceshe got, in order to keep her pipeline filled with people she could follow up with.

So, Best of the Best Prospecting Training Message #7 is this…”Successful people don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen.

They MAKE them happen.

“You’ve gotta make it happen!

Nobody but you can control the outcome of your success.

It’s going to take some blood, sweat and tears, but in the long run,it may not have been easy, but it sure will be worth it!

Never just sit back and wait for things to happen, get out there and”make” them happen!