You are up to Best of the Best Prospecting Training #6.

It’s called, learning the “Language of Success”.

To best illustrate this information, allow me to share with you a 
quick story about my career:

Years ago, when I was first starting out, I tried everything I
 could to succeed.

I was hoping to enroll people into my MLM 
business and really needed to make it work.

End result…I failed, miserably!


Just re-read my story again.

You can figure it out by the words I
used to tell it.

 It’s filled with doubt, fear and worry.

You see, trying something means that you’ve given yourself room to 

When you “try”, you are not fully committed.

When you “hope”, you are not fully decided.

When you “need”, you are not fully convinced.

These words weaken people. They weaken YOU.

Be aware of these words because they tell the full story.

Both your story and other people’s.

Listen for these words when you speak.
 Catch yourself. Notice how many others use these words daily while 
living their life.

Look at where they are in life.

Are they even really living?

Chances are, they are not on the path to their biggest dreams and 

They try, hope, need, might and should…all words that come with the very fear 
that keeps them right where they are.

In other words, they are more dis-empowering words, than words of

They are filled with less inspiration and more desperation.

So, here’s what you can do – turn your shoulds into musts.

Turn your trying into “doing”.

Turn your “need to’s” into “will do’s”.

So, learn the Language for Success and move more swiftly past those
 who speak the language of fear, procrastination and failure.

You will double the speed at which you sort and be able to identify 
the wrong ones quickly and right ones swiftly!

So there you have it, Best of the Best Prospecting
Training #6.

Turn your ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts’.

In other words, start doing and stop ‘shoulding’
all over yourself!