If you’ve been in or around the Home Based Business or F’ree
Enterprise for any length of time, you may have heard that although
not everyone who attends events becomes a top leader & income
earner, every top leader and income earner attends events.

This is called a “clue” for people who want to excel and to say
that every interaction between yourself and other people is an
event, is a HUGE understatement.

It’s truly the most important factor for your success in the people

Matter of fact, the more often you interact with others over the
telephone or in person and create some type of connection, (known
or unknown), the more opportunities you create for yourself to
learn what the next digit is in unlocking the combination to your
biggest breakthroughs to success.

This means speaking with more leads, contacts and prospects;
keeping in touch with other distributors; meeting with leaders on
your team, in person and over the phone, and of course, prospecting
consistently on a daily basis.

Yes, you gotta keep your connection pipeline filled to the brim.

The more you reach out and offer value to people, the more likely
you will connect with them and will have them want to do business
with you.

Learn to listen better, learn to interject (not interrupt) profound
thoughts and statements into these conversations and learn to send
that unspoken message that says, “I’m listening to you.”

With this, comes the fact that quantity plays just as much as a
role as quality.

The more interactions you have with people, the better you become
at connecting with them.

So Best of the Best Prospecting Message #4, is…”Become a Massive
Prospector to become a Master Prospector”.

After all, there is no other way to succeed!