You are up to your Best of the Best Prospecting Tip #3.

So how did you like your first two tips?

Are doing what it takes to succeed?

If so, just these first two tips alone will help you tremendously.

If you are NOT doing what it takes to succeed, they do no good.

It’s just like the sin of the desert.

You know…knowing where the water is but not letting anyone else
in on it.

So today, I’m watching a great boxing match.

One guy is active, busy and getting his hands dirty.

The other guy is just moving around the ring, not throwing any
punches and truly, getting pummeled.

The boxing announcers were shocked though, because the guy that was
losing the fight, had more experience.

In other words, he knew what to do. He just wasn’t DOING what he

He wasn’t willing to get hit, so he wasn’t hitting his opponent

Covered up most of the fight.

Hid behind his gloves.

Took almost no chances.

Lost the fight that he could have easily won.

And that is my Best of the Best Prospecting Tip #3. “Take more

Get your hands dirty.

Skin your knee.

Bump your nose.

You must be willing to take risks and talk to people all the time,
even if at first you are afraid.

People you meet locally, on the phone, in strange places.

Wherever you go, strike up conversation.

Make eye contact.


Ask people how they are doing.

You see, taking these risks puts you in what I call, the Ratio Pool.

Jim Rohn says, “do something often enough and a ratio will appear.”

Talk to 10, get one.

Talk to 10, get one.

Talk to ten, get one.

It will take 10 to get one.

However, talk to 100, and get 10.

But you never get one, if you don’t talk to anyone.

You never get one, if you don’t ask more questions.

You never get one, if you don’t take a risk.

Remember, Best of the Best Prospecting Tip #3, “Don’t be afraid to

Remember, success is nothing but one failure after another, over
and over again, without losing sight of your goals.

Want to become more successful?

Double your rate of failure.

Every opportunity creates more experience.

More wisdom and brings
you closer to your success.

Get good at what you do by practicing often.

Just like anything worth having, it comes with time.

Remember, you will miss 100% of the shots you never

So take more chances when it comes to prospecting.

Because without any risk, there is no reward.