If you have been applying Prospecting Tip #1, then you must be in a
new place by now, called “flow”.

This is where it would take a cannon to blow you out of the batter
’s box while you were prospecting and reaching out to people.

Flow is when nothing, not a person, not an unforeseen event, not a 
circumstance nor a situation could rob you of your energy.

“Flow” could even mean effortless, or without effort.

Remember, effort is often tied to work or struggle.

And the only
time you struggle is when you resist.

The more resistance, the more 
struggle you experience.

Then you start sending messages like, ”Take a look at my business but don’t join me – sign up with me, but don’t send me any money – follow me, but I cannot lead you.”

Are you sending these messages?

If so, now is your time to 
understand why and then change this about yourself.

The faster you move, the more resistance you will get from outside 
forces, however, by staying in flow, nothing can bring you down, 

And this, is what people pay for.

Your strength, your
 resilience and your commitment to stay in the game no matter what.

And the longer you stay in the game, the more experiential value you will have to offer.

But be careful…

You don’t want to be that guy or gal in Network Marketing for 10 years, but repeating their first year for the tenth time.

You must learn and implement with each experience – not repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Each day, look to glean new value – to pick up a new gold nugget of information and then apply it immediately to your business.

The more gold nuggets you accumulate and the more people see how this information is working for you, the more they want to learn from you and have you coach, train and mentor them in business.

This is a secret of Master Prospectors and Best of the Best
Prospecting Tip #2.

“You don’t get paid for time; only value.”

So, sort quickly.

Stop for the right ones.

Move past the wrong ones 

The right ones will appreciate the value they can hear and feel in you and the wrong ones – well, they just don’t have a clue and probably never will.

Remember, you are looking for a fast “no” so you can get to a quick

My friend Greg always says, “tell me yes, tell me no,  tell me
 quick, ’cause I gotta go!”

To be a top producer and income earner by way of Prospecting, you 
must be too busy producing to get sidetracked with the small,
 insignificant things that rob most people of big opportunities.

Learn to say yes to the best and no to the rest.

Remember, production pays, politics do not.

Politicians get drawn into other people’s energy or drama.

Don’t let this be you.

You don’t have time to bleed!

Get to your dials today.

Call your people.

Make new connections and alliances.

Develop a new relationship today, with someone new.

You are their ticket to freedom – and they, yours!