A wise man once said when it comes to starting a new business, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Yes, this is a positive way of starting a new business, but how do you deal with the ups and downs of reaching success in the process?

Well, it doesn’t matter what your goal or desired outcome…here’s a little metaphor to help you along the way:

Imagine you are a die hard baseball fan and your team was playing in the 7th Game of the World Series.

But, even though you hardly ever miss a game, this one game, you had to miss.

So, instead of camping out in front of your television with your baseball cap on, you record the game, knowing that when you get home you can watch it just as it were LIVE.

You wouldn’t even know the difference if it was LIVE or recorded, as long as you didn’t know the outcome.

However, before you start the playback of the game, you make the fatal flaw of hopping onto Facebook and finding out that your team won the game.

Well great for you that your team won, but now, the mystery has been removed.

But here’s the rub…

Now that you know the outcome, I have a few questions for you?

#1 – Would it matter if your team fell behind by 3 runs by the bottom of the 2nd inning?

#2 – Would it matter if your team’s best left handed pitcher threw his arm out in the 3rd and couldn’t play for the rest of the game?

#3 – Would it matter if your team went up by 6 runs in the 5th, then fell behind by 7, or 17 or 80 runs in the top of the 7th?

NO, it wouldn’t.

None of that would matter.


Because you already know the outcome – your team already won!

So regardless of the score, or how many errors your team committed or how many pitchers your team went through to finish the game, you knew for a fact that in the end, your team came out on top.

So, that being said, during the game itself, you could relax.

Couldn’t you?

You could enjoy the game.

You could accept the errors.

You could accept falling behind.

You could live with the fact that it wasn’t perfectly played.

Well imagine you treated your business the same way.

You knew, in your heart of hearts, without any doubt, that you were going to win.

That you were going to be successful.

That you were going to become a great leader.

That you were going to build a very profitable business that pays you for decades into the future.

Could you relax and enjoy it more?

Would you relax and enjoy it more?

I bet you would.

I bet you would have more fun.

I bet you would make more money.

And I bet you’d even become successful much faster.

Whatever you do, begin with the end in mind.

It’s the only way to succeed!

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26 Comments on Begin with the End in Mind

  • Wow. What a powerful message in that. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the the challenges of building a business that we take our eyes off of the excitement that got us in it in the first place. Like our friend Mike Dillard Said a long time ago, “When the emotion left, that’s when it started to happen for me”. So many of us are results driven rather than process driven. Let’s enjoy the process. Thanks Aaron for another stellar life lesson.
    .-= Josh Boxer´s last blog ..6 Excellent Home Base Internet Business Ideas =-.

  • Thanks Josh! Yes, that’s exactly it. When we focus more on the process
    than the payoff, we have more fun and get a lot more out of the experience!
    Way to go. Now I’m going to go read YOUR latest post!
    .-= Aaron Rashkin´s last blog ..Begin with the End in Mind =-.

  • This is a great analogy and a new take on
    Begin With The End in Mind.
    Getting so certain on the outcome you want and
    sticking with it when it’s not going as you
    thought it would is the tough one for sure.
    Because it’s easy to slide into thinking you’re
    losing the game instead of a few points along the
    Thanks, a really insightful new take on a
    Covey classic

  • Excellent way to put things. So, so true. I love how you can see things and visual your life before it happens. I am very blessed to have you as a mentor to myself and so many others around the world.

    Thank you.

    “Average Joe” – Thomas C. Chandler

  • Aaron, this is exactly what I needed. I do relax and enjoy the journey when I have no doubt in the outcome. When I know, not just say, it will be a success I can laugh at all the smirks and diatribes. I can see the humor in the fear, anger and disappointments. I even notice more of the peripheral action; my vision expands to assist others not as fortunate as I in seeing the end is a guaranteed win. There may be too many people in my life offended by knowing the outcome before seeing the game. The angst and nattering over every action or inaction, the drama, the tears and the anger appear more important for far too many. For me of late it has been too when I have forgotten the success at the end is guaranteed.

  • As always Aaron, love your blogs, trainings, articles….whatever, they are always thought provoking Thanks for your Leadership

  • Creating a vision for your life is essential to achieving success and happiness. If people would enjoy the journey verses being obsessed with the destination they’d experience more success.

    Having the end in mind clearly visualized allows you to cope with the day to day with a huge smile on your face. You guys are living examples of this!
    .-= Jim Jinright´s last blog ..MLM Secrets What’s Working Online =-.

  • I am relitively new at the computer and very liitle technical knowledge .I have spent money on programs for training purposes .the training was useless and left me more confused . I have been receiving your newsletter on my e-mail . In desperation I decided to try to find out more about your program before I give up all together I am sick and tired how people talk you into buying their programs than leave you hanging. I have a lot of guestions if you care to listen. The two most inportant guestions for now is to know what your program is about and how much is it going to cost me . I’ve already spent alot of money .I’m hoping that we can continue tocommunicate. Mike russo

    • Hi Mike,
      I can appreciate your frustration. I too was there once.
      To learn more about my business, click on the
      Work with Aaron banner on the right side of my blog.
      Follow the pages by opting in and then submitting an
      I will be in contact with you then.
      Best regards!

      • hello aaron
        iam frustratiom ,,i say good read asap of video different ,, i do relax and clean up my apt and can.t find of apt ,, i feel frustration ,,, i am relax and too much stressed and well i am glad wait for u ,, did u get add my blog ?? ,, i always happy keep go busy my do things,,, but i feel frustration abt my car things lots time,, i can.t afford of apt or house and fix my car things lots ok

  • Each time I read your posts, I’m totally impressed with you, Aaron. This one is a winner! (I began reading it with the end in mind, so I really enjoyed it!!) You are a great mentor, as well as a great son! I’m so proud of you!

  • Thank you again for being such a leader and example that you represent day in and day out.
    .-= Thomas Chandler´s last blog ..How Do You Build an Online Business Today? =-.

  • Another great post Aaron! I have been thinking of the end, put I do need to take more action along the way. :)
    .-= Cori Rizzo´s last blog ..Where’s the Stimulus for the Rest of Us? =-.

  • Aaron what a great analogy on how to look at the
    curveballs, change ups and errors that every home based entrepreneur experiences. When you know the outcome will be in your teams favor. Accept them, adjust and keep on playing.

    Great Leadership Blog

  • Aaron, I think this is a great analogy to marketing, If we stay positive and keep moving forward, knowing that we will make mistakes and be frustrated. I foresee my success and I know I will succeed. Thank you for your wonderful story and analogy. You always give great value. Thankd you.

  • That’s a great analogy Aaron. The important distinction is that you have to have a strong belief not only in yourself, but also your mentor or system that you are following to build your successful network marketing business. You have to know that the secret recipe that you are following has all of the critical details that will deliver a flawless and tasty dish. Enjoy!
    .-= Dan McMonigle´s last blog ..Network Marketing – The Power of the Presentation =-.

  • Aaron,

    Great post! This is a great way to think about things.

    I’m glad to have found you and Sophia online. I don’t yet have a blog, butI appreciate your “luv comment” tip. That’s great to know!

    I’ll keep my eyes open for more from you!

  • Hey Aaron,

    Another awesome post man! Beginning with the end
    in mind allows a person to remain laser focused
    when they encounter the inevitable pitfalls,
    obstacles, and challenges that life will throw at

    Thanks for this post.

    The Cartoon Coach
    .-= Carstarphen´s last blog ..Free Network Marketing Training- 3 Types of Prospects =-.

  • Fantastic point Aaron , I really can relate to this as I currently play and coach baseball and can also relate to knowing the outcome. It takes the ability to truly know oneself. Thanks for pointing this out, I know my results will be worth all of the obstacles that Ive overcame and continue to do so

  • Great job Aaron.Knowing the end result will keep you focus when we run to those bumps on our passway to success.


  • Hi Aaron, That was brilliant.We germans always say “End good is everything good” The bottom line here is that before we start to do anything,be it our daily routine or our business,we should first assume with absolute convinction that we will get it right at the end.Then with this self-convinction we will be motivated and rest assured that our mission will be brought to a successful conclution.
    Thanks and God bless!

    AARON.. AS ALWAYS AARON LOVE BLOG…THIS IS EXactly,, what i do needed ,,i do relax make knitting different, enjoy fun myself go to see our family and friends,,sometime ijust fun play the games on the computer ,,, i feel happy around visit of my friend and long time many ago,,in selkirk mb canada,,, i was enjoy fun with my boyfriend went to play games the bar and restaurant supper for us ,, good time smile !! thank u

  • aaron
    iam great enjoy fun knitting and cooks ,, my mom always love the garden soon,, she always make pickle and beets and different way,, wonder her love it,,she always happy see her daughter me all time ,,i love read watch of different video on fb,,, sometime day,, i do relax and too busy go fix my car ,, i am little frustation worry abt my car ,,,, my boyfriend is very support wonder help me wow,,, well,, let me relax time ok ,, thank u

  • i always love do help my mom sometime,,, so well i just help with my dad too, i always keep moving forward ,, great are u get too hard business wow,,, wonder story of different of kind ,,all it ,, i say hope wait for u,, hope and faith !!

  • thank you for that,i’ve never read/heard a better analogy to explain patience and keeping the goal in mind,i’m definately going to use this info in my business seminars

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