Kind of a bitter sweet moment today.

This morning I realized that my neighbours took down their giant aqua blue trampoline that their kids and their kids’s friends used to jump on every day.

Even though it was in their yard, it felt like it was in mine too.

After I knocked on their door a couple months ago and asked them to move it so that it wasn’t in my space, they wound up resisting and challenging me, and then the HOA (Home Owners Association) policy, for obstructive backyard equipment.

Well, they lost their case and had to move it.

Unfortunately, instead of just moving it closer to their own house (where it should have been in the first place), they took the whole thing down.

The thing could have easily been moved to another spot in their yard, that didn’t intrude on anyone else’s privacy.

I just hope they didn’t tell their kids that it had to come down because I asked them to move it.

So often, I find that people who are self absorbed and unaware of what’s really going on for them, blame others for their own feelings and actions.

I’ve done this too, so I speak from experience.

The key to not feeling like a victim of other people’s doings or ways of being, is to ask yourself, “What are my choices, or options, in this moment”.

Because you can choose to feel however you want about whatever you want.

And the more often you ask the right questions, the sooner you will start getting the right answers.

This is called “framing”, and once you learn how to ask better questions – you’ll always get the answers that you want – or at least, ones that feel better to you.

And once you realize that everything, both starts and finishes in your own mind, you can feel great about whatever you want, and never have to worry about what other people do or say or think, ever again.

Of course, this takes work.

But what doesn’t?

Remember, just like anything else in life, nothing worth having comes easily.

Yes, you can choose to create ease in every situation, but anyone who doesn’t embrace that there are always going to be some challenges along the way, is kidding themselves.

This was my bitter sweet moment turned into a whole string of random thoughts.

Make today count – because it does.

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