I am often asked, “How have you enrolled over 1,000 people from a Cold Market, and how have you built several teams into the thousands of distributors and members?”

The answer is simple.I stayed in the game long enough to develop the skills it required to succeed.

And, I perfected what I call “3 Qualities of a Master Prospector”.

Here’s what they are:

#1 – You must learn to ask good questions when speaking with people. This is critical, because unless you ask, you will never know. I see people who want to ask, think about asking and plan on asking, but never do. The key is to learn to ask great questions, so that you can uncover great answers.

#2 – You must learn to listen with great intent. Intent to truly understand not just what people say, but what they mean by what they say. Remember, most people don’t say what they mean or mean what they say, so you must learn to listen beneath the surface and really decipher not just what they say, but how they feel about what they are saying and what do they really mean.

You must listen for their confidence, belief,  self esteem,  self worth,  self deserve and more.

When you’ve truly mastered the art of listening, and not just hearing, you will be able to connect with people at a much greater level.

And #3 – You must send an unspoken message to those with whom you communicate with, that you are the leader that they are looking for.

It’s not something you say, or write or explain. It’s a feeling that you project, about your own ability to take them from where they are, to where they want to be.

This message comes from your own belief, posture, confidence, esteem, deserve and understanding of who you are and what you are capable of.

Master these 3 qualities and you will masterthe game of prospecting, which of course, will lead you right to the top!

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